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  1. Hi all, Im looking to convert my current analogue radio to a dab radio.I currently have a radio like in the first photo and would like to upgrade to the one in the second photo: What adaptions will I need to do to receive the dab stations? From what I've researched, the only the thing I need to install is a DAB radio aerial splitter like in the photo below: Apparently by installing this, theres no need to change the standard car aerial or involve any other adaptions. Is this correct? Will changing the radio unit affect any of the steering radio controls? Car is a Focus Zetec S 2009 Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Everything looks in order regarding mounting arms. Everything looks in order in fact, but the headlight refuses to go back in properly and I’m fresh out of ideas
  3. Hi all, Recently purchased a Focus MK 2 Zetec S, have changed headlight bulbs and I have noticed the nearside headlight unit does not go back in place properly. I have a 1cm approx gap between the unit and the top of the bumper. I have taken the unit in and out again but to no avail. Offside unit went back in no problem. Is each unit refitted differently? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Anybody know if its possible to fit a Zetec S style diffuser on to a pre-facelift bumper? I imagine it would just be a straight forward bolt on In below photo, it looks like a facelift bumper fitted to a pre-face Titanium, but Im looking to fit it direct to a pre-face bumper to avoid having to faff around with the fog light wiring.
  5. Hi all, Can anyone advise please if front and rear full bumpers or bumper extensions designed for Mk2 Facelift Focus' can fit on pre Facelift models? I have a 2006 Focus Mk2 Sport looking in to doing some first time modding. Any help appreciated