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  1. Sorry for late replies guys! I got the owner's manual out to change the repeaters - I folded the mirrors FORWARD to make access to the inside of the mirror cap easier and you just squeeze it in to pop the single retaining clip. I also pressed it along the entire edge before wiggling it to pop it off. There's theee or four retaining lugs to slot the cap into the mirror housing and that single clip "locks" it in. The near side came off easily, but the driver's one snapped the clip. Luckily I managed to superglue it back on and it's holding fine! Not sure it'll hold forever mind :( Regarding the number plate, it's basically my name and first part of surname. Hence the dodgy spacing! It's technically not legal, but it can be read fine by an ANPR camera (I know, because automated car park tickets print the registration on no problem!) which is really all the police will care about these days! Those of you on Twitter / Instagram will find me @regan_ev
  2. I wasn't bothered either until I decided to keep it which is when the modifying began and the Orange bulbs really started to bug me so they had to go! I've also put LED CANBUS 501s in the rear number plate (the type pictured). Much better! 💡💡
  3. Still waiting for the LED DRL/headlight bulbs to come before de-tangoing the front indicators (2 birds, 1 stone, and all that!) but just done the rears with Philips Silvervisions and wing-mirror repeaters with Osram Diadem Chromes 👍🏼
  4. You will hopefully share my pleasure in knowing that this little problem of mine is now fully sorted. But there's a twist... Admiral called me earlier to say they've listened to the phonecall recordings and the advisor I originally spoke to (the original post) was in the wrong. However they will honour their mistake and continue to insure me AND they are not going to charge me anything extra. BUT... And here's the twist... The will not insure me next year because they wouldn't normally insure cars with this type of mod. All's well that ends well, and I'm relieved it's now sorted. But don't go thinking Admiral are Mountune-friendly, because they're not.
  5. Yeah I asked him how much he paid he motioned and mouthed "three hundred". We soon parted ways. Really pi**ed off I didn't follow to a stop. Now THAT is very interesting!! I already want the rears LEDs and that's before even seeing a pic! Link??
  6. This could go in the Spotted section I suppose but it's some info for all Fiesta facelift owners. Just spoke to a boy (in the traffic moving alongside each other, so only very briefly) driving a 15 plate Zetec S Red who's retro-fitted the headlights (ST/Titanium) with LED DRLs and he said they just plug and play. Anyone know this boy? We spoke near Bridgend about 8:00 tonight - wish I'd followed him to have a proper chat and ask more questions now!! Like if it is literally a swap-and-go or if any reprogramming or extra wiring is needed?! Alas there's evidently an answer to the commonly-asked question of whether these headlights with work as a retro-fit. The last thread I found on here someone said they didn't think so and I can't find any threads from someone who's done it. I'm now on the look out for this car again haha!
  7. Guys, I have it from a good source (someone who has retro fitted cruise to a Zetec S Red Edition) that the facelift model has all the look for cruise and it's a simple plug-and-play of the new steering wheel and the switch BUT it has to be programmed on IDS/ETIS at a Ford dealership which is something a lot of them will not entertain. If, however, you know a friendly Ford technician, you may be able to get your car reprogrammed to activate the cruise control functionality. I have the required parts coming soon and I'm waiting to book it in with my very friendly dealer so I'll post an update once it's done. 😎
  8. Thanks it's worth looking into I suppose. I'm also making progress with enquiries down other avenues so will keep this thread updated if I get any success.
  9. :S Oh it's never an easy thing is it, insurance? Greenlight have some sort of precedent given they don't charge more for their mods (or so I'm led to believe) and at the end of the day Admiral don't refuse to insure ST models which have moreeee power, even bigger intercoolers and are far more expensive. I can see me going legal on this haha! Or at least I'll go the the insurance ombudsman if they get funny over it.
  10. Bump. Anyone able to offer some suggestions please?
  11. Ex Exactly mate. No matter how much tried to convince myself that I'd described it properly and it was listed as the MR165, the doubt was too great to ignore. Oh, and I finally managed to access my policy documents online earlier which, to my dismay, had the modication listed as " Engine chip 0-10% inc. BHP". No mention of Mountune! And i's actually a 32% increase. Again I must reiterate the fact that I was not asked for any power figures when querying making the change, yet it was listed as 0-10% on my policy without being mentioned to me, only that it's classed as "a chip", and a zero-increase cost applied.
  12. Update: Following all your input and advice and the ever-growing doubt that in the event of an accident things could get tricky, I've phoned Admiral this evening and spoke to someone who knew a little bit about car modifications and was based at the call centre in Cardiff (the original guy was in Nova Scotia, where they drive on the right and call a bonnet a "hood"! So anyway, I went through it all and it seems it wasn't applied properly in the first place, the original advisor was incompetent and even complacent in his questioning (or lack thereof) about the mods so I've had to email them a list of the exact kit (I just sent them the link to Mountune's online store so they can get the exact information I've got). This will be referred to an underwriter to calculate the premium (I foresee a challenge there!) but the upshot is that I am covered and it's just a matter of getting it listed properly. Thanks all again for your input. :)
  13. Written confirmation of what though? A part-by-part breakdown of components and specifications? I don't want you think I'm in any way being blasé or obtuse when in comes to this mod and how it's listed on my policy, but the term "over-egging the pudding" springs to mind, sorry. I've told them what it is, end of. I think some insurers or their advisors/agents can use a certain level of interpretation when it comes to adding modifications to a policy and, let's be fair lots of these people earn commission on premiums so who's to say another advisor wouldn't ha've applied this mod in exactly the same way i.e. it's classed as "Chip", and the system not added a premium, just the same, but because of their own technical knowledge and feeling an opportunity to make money, they've just whacked the price up regardless? In my case, if their system hasn't got MR165 listed or they haven't evaluated it, so what? I refer back to my previous post regarding 'more info'. They didn't ask. The phone call will be recorded. No problem.
  14. Thanks all for your input. I'm not going to draw any further attention to it by calling them back in case it either increase or invalidates my insurance but at the end of the day, I've told them exactly (bar specificifally mentioning the inter cooler which, I don't believe I'm required to mention as I have deceived it as a kit) what the modification name is, so it's covered. At the end of the day if it wasn't for this forum or this very thread, I would be completely satisfied I have fulfilled my obligations of notifying my insurer about a modification. iI the advisor I spoke to had any confusion or needed specifics about to what I was telling him, then he should have asked more questions. I said it's a Mountune MR165 power upgrade kit which increases power and makes it faster. If they want to know more about exactly what power or how it's achieved - hardware etc. - then they should've asked.
  15. Relating to Mk7.5 Zetec S 2014MY... I've seen a few threads on this subject and iNath's YouTube guide is as comprehensive as I've come across or likely will. Just one question- I've got the right fuse box but the relays are missing. I have a really in position 2 but 3 is empty. Any workarounds that people know of? I mean fitting the required relays? (And no, I'm not very technically minded!)