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  1. Usb/bluetooth And Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi there, I've only had the car a few weeks and its a new, 62 plate basic Econetic. I've not noticed any obvious symbols indicating that it was bluetooth but I do have the special USB with 3.5mm jack. If i had bluetooth would it be under the settings tab on the stereo? UPDATE: OK Ive had a fiddle around and I'm pretty sure i do NOT have bluetooth :( I'd appreciate it if someone with an S3 and special USB port could give it a whirl and let me know the results :) Cheers, Melissa
  2. Usb/bluetooth And Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hello, I too am thinking fo leaving the iphone behind for a Galxy S3 and would love to know what will happen if i plug an S3 in via the special USB port ( I dont have bluetooth). Will I be able to operate it remotely via steering wheel as I currently do my iPhone? If not I may just turn my iphone into a satnav and mp3 playing device and permanently keep it in my car and use an s3 for everything else..... Melissa
  3. Ok - thanks for letting me know. I guess I have to manually rememebr to turn it off or it will devour my petrol- or will it auto turn off?
  4. Hello, As subject header but its 'set not 'sent'!. When I start my Econetic in the morning and if the dial is set to 'windscreen' the Air con light comes on by itself? I experimented on this very cold morning with engine alreayd on. If i physically turn the air con off (orange light off) and then move the dial towards the left (away fromthe windscreen symbol) and then back on to the windscreen again the Air con light comes back on by itself. Is this normal? I dont understand why I would want air con on when it is on windscreen setting on a cold and frosty morning. Can someone explain please? Thanks Melissa PS Ive had this car a few weeks and its done less than 2000 miles and I dont believe it has auto climate control - just manual (well supposedly just manual) air con on/off button.
  5. Hello, So i just picked up my spanking new Ford Econetic. It's the first time I have had one of these. Anyway I notice that *sometimes* when i take my foot of the accelerator and dip the clutch for a couple of seconds I can hear the engine revving up of its own accord as if I was trying to accelerate. The revometer also shows an increase - yet my foot is clear of accelerator. Having the clutch in also seems something to do with it. Is this a quirk of its fancy Econetic engine with stop/start tech or should I take it to the dealer to look at. I have never noticed it revving / accelerating by itself when a gear is engaged (thank heavens or that would be rather dodgy!) Other info - this has happened when the engine is cold or hot! i am also someone who has a habit of dipping clutches for longish periods of time ie when coasting down a hill and i want it to freewheel and can't be bothered to put it into neutral and then back into 5th when I'm at the bottom. Cheers, Melissa
  6. Ford Y Cable

    Hello, So I am a bit confuzled. I've just got a new Econetic with the special USB port and audio-in sockets. I dont use any Y cable! I just plug a standard Iphone USB charger leader (a retractable poundland one!) into the special usb socket. and I get full audio, skippable from steering wheel. I have absolutely nothing plugged into the audio 3.5mm jack. Wat extra benefits if any will a proper 'Y' cable give me? I have an Iphone 3GS. I should also say that sometimes the stereo doesnt immediately register my iphone in which case I just pull the usb out and plug it back in again and then it works - a minor irritation. Prior to this car I had a fiesta *without* special USB socket so I used to have a USb-phone cable plugged in via the round power socket and a 3.5-3.5 cable. That worked fine but of course I had to use phone to skip tracks. Melissa
  7. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    Further to my post in this thread a couple of months ago I just wanted to update you. My car has now been back to Sandicliffes 3 times. They have replaced the audio unit and you guessed it - its still exactly the same! Happily skipping away over my music. Its driving me bananas and completely ruining my driving pleasure. The handbook says that this unit will play CDR's and i expect it to do just that. To recap:- I have tried three different brands of CDR's (Sony, TDK, Memorex). I have burnt disks at varying speeds. I have re encoded mp3s to different bit rates and tried burning them. Still it skips. My £10 DVD ROM in my PC plays *all* these disks absolutely fine but two new units in a brand new £11.000 car just cant cut t it!?! After taking it back to my local dealers a third time they suggested I contact Ford Customer serives. I have now done this and they are supposedly going to look at this further. I will see what happens next... I seriously think that these units in the basic Fiestas (i have a Style) are just not up to the job. Melissa
  8. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    I'm another one with annoying mp3 skipping. I was using Memorex cdr's. I took it to my local Ford dealer and they said I sholld try a SONY cdr. I thought that was pretty lame actually as its not liek Memorex are unknown manufacturers. Anyway I tried burnign the disk at a lower speed (only 16X compared to its standard high rate of 40X). I do think this has slighlty improved the skipping issue and I will try and obtain a Sony CDR and give that a whirl. To Fords credit they did say that if a Sony cdr didnt make any difference then they would have to order me a new CD player. I did mention that according to this forum there may be a firmware update but the guy looked unsure about that!? Its very disappointing and you really would think that on a brand new car things like this would not crop up! Melissa
  9. Boys Vs Girls

    Haha, yes, I'd agree with that! :)
  10. Hello, I have just received my brand new Ford Fiesta 1.25 (82bhp) petrol engine car. I have a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone can enlighten me.. I know that a diesel engines mpg gets better with time. Is the same true of a petrol engine? My brand new petrol engine Fiesta is only just getting 40 mpg. Now Ford gives a figure of about 50 mpg for combined driving and this, i would have thought, should be what i am getting. I don't just drive aroudn cities stopping and starting. I do a bit of town driving with longer motorway / dual carriage stretches inbetween. For example my commute to work and back every day consists of about 22 miles of dual carriageway with a couple of roundabouts and about 5 miles of driving through a town to get home. I have tried employing some 'hypermiling' techniques. I rarely rev above 2500, I am very conscious of my light touch on the accelerator, i drive steadily, change up gear asap etc but still the mileage of about 40 mpg does not seem very good to me! What are the rest of you getting? Here are some figures... I have put £65 of petrol in the car since i got it. At £1.02 per litre this has given me 63.7 litres which is about 14 gallons. In that time, my car has done 568 miles. Doing the maths this comes out at 40mpg. MNy previous car was a diesel, a 14 year old Peugeot 106 which of course easily did 65+ mpg. I had expected my new *petrol* car to do less but I didnt expect a much more modern and new engine to do quite as low as this, especially when Ford quote 50mpg for combined driving. I shudder to think what I would get if I did just drive aroudn cities all the time! Any thoughts or have I just been spoilt by havign a diesel for the last 10 years?! :-) Thanks Melissa