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  1. Hi all! I have a Ford Fiesta Mk7 2010 3 door Ive been looking into putting an amp and subwoofer into my car. I DONT want to add an aftermarket stereo because I feel it would ruin the look of the car. I was wondering if anyone would know if I could add an amp and sub without cutting the factory wires? My sub and amp will only take RCA inputs. Looking at ISO Harneses is there a type of harness which can connect to the stereo then I could cut wires there? Is that possible? Whats my best option? Many thanks
  2. Perfect that is good to hear. Many thanks for your help 🙂
  3. Does it amp the speaker a little. Meaning I could get better sound
  4. So you replaced the old stereo as well as the fascia and the buttons still did not work? Like mute etc?
  5. Hey everyone! I have just gotten a ford fiesta MK 7 2010 ZETEC. I have been looking into changing the stereo and can't bring myself to add an aftermarket stereo to the car due to the ugly look in this car. I want to add the sony stereo fitted to some of the fiesta's. This is what I have Standard Stereo. I want to add this Sony Stereo.. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their stereo to this? Where to buy this and would it even work? Does the sony stereo have an built in amplifier? My old Pioneer stereo has mosfet 50Wx4. I cant find the specifications of the sony stereo anywhere? I am not sure if I could add a sony stereo from a 2013-2015? If anyone could help me clear some things up, It would be helpful. Many Thanks, Chris