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  1. Hi. I have an Ml8 ST line 140 It definetly sounds like a clunk / knocking noise when I am at slow speed with wheels near full lock when I'm comming to a stop Sounds like it's happening on both sides when I'm turning the wheel coming into a parking space. Just asking if anyone has taken their new fiestas in for this yet? Thanks
  2. Another kind motorist knocked my wing mirror off. the plastic surround has been broken. It looks like i can salvage the glass & the mirror cap My question is do i have to remove the door card to replace the wing mirror unit? I can get access to the bolts by remove the cover that sits behind the wing mirror but I'm unsure If i can remove the wiring harness as it looks like it goes into the door card Thanks
  3. I was suspect about my 1.0 ecoboost 2018 engine Last time I was at the garage I got the salesman to pop the bonnet of another 1.0L The amount of movement with the engine was the same as mine so stopped worrying
  4. Nice one who doesn’t love new car day
  5. My engine does vibrate in the bay a bit. Can't feel it in the cabin and the idle isn't rough Popped the bonnet a few days ago and noticed it
  6. I've noted everything down so I can put it in a complaint I hope the sensor arrives this week so I can put it back in & get this engine light off I have the survey to complete but my salesman told me it's only based on him (the buying experience)
  7. interesting, cheers for that How ware you getting on with your 140 ecoboost? would you says yours is a bit clicky/ loud valves when it's at idol?
  8. It's when it goes into the garage there isn't a courtesy car available. Didn't offer the collection service even though I'd only had the car for 5 days
  9. Is the turbo nose it makes synthesised? the valve just looks like one that re-circulates the air back into the turbo inlet instead of venting it to the atmosphere
  10. Does anybody think the engine sounds very clickly at idle? More so when hot?
  11. Im going to complain to thr dealer so ive got something logged im giving them a fair chance to fix it. Just annoying i have to bring it back again, but if the parts not in stock then what can you do. id much have preferred if they just kept the car untill its fixed but it wasnt possible I have an email from them saying the car id ok to drive with the light on. So ive made sure ive covered myself