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  1. hi few weeks ago i had my car service and now have oil service due warning come up any ideas thanks
  2. was front discs and pads and front nswheel bearing £240 inc vat
  3. sorry guys i heard him wrong its wheel bearing and brake disks lol
  4. so just had my focus serviced and mot.d and needs a new wheel bearing and diffs in bad shape not sure what diffs are till i speak to the garage in the morning they say its gonna be a couplle of hundred quid is this reasonable ?
  5. yer going in on thursday how much should the brakes cost roughly at a local garage
  6. 1.5tdci 50000 miles think is wheels only makes it when accelerating and stops when you brake
  7. cheers mate ordered today fingers crossed it the right one lol also when i accelerate i can her a grinding noise any ideas what it might be
  8. yer its on a 14 plate thanks, local garage priced it up from trust ford also found this will this do cheers https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/johns-7937255
  9. ive found this looks right but its a minefield ive no idea lol any help pleaese https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-Rear-Light-Lamp-Cluster-2011-2014/263725031789?hash=item3d673ca16d:g:iO4AAOSwGNxbDcVs
  10. cheers just messaged him as need the led version
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