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  1. Just wondering as anyone on here any experience of the Cruz airo-t roof bars? Need to get some new bars for my kayak, and these appear to look very similar to Thule however at half the price. welcome to other options too
  2. That’s the thing don’t like the idea of sanding near to the heater wires.
  3. I must stress it’s only noticeable in certain lights
  4. http://www.globaltint.co.uk/warranty.html this is basically how mine looks. This wasn’t the company who did mine however.
  5. Can you guys post pics of your Tints so I can compare
  6. Hi guys I’ve just had my windows tinted and in places there is a soldering on the dot matrix, I have been advised by the fitted to rub the line in a couple of days. Im just wondering if anyone has any other advise for the focus mk3.5 estate specifically.
  7. Just thought I’d update the thread with the result, car was in for repair and it was found the condenser had a leak on a joint so the whole unit has been replaced, this has eliminated the hissing and also the air con is icy cold on both sides without a noticeable difference . Very happy with the outcome.
  8. Do any of you guys have the powershift gearbox? If so does it fare ok in the snow?
  9. We get very bad winter snow in our village and last year had to buy a set a michellin crossclimates so that we could manage the hill to our home, this was when I had my Passat estate. im looking to get prepared for winter in the next few months, so as I have the powershift gearbox firstly how does this fare in the snow? and does anyone recommend the use of socks or tyres and if so what are you guys running? i must add the crossclimates were fantastic allowing me to sail up hills past most cars.
  10. Nope I didn’t notice any smell out of the ordinary which as you say seems strange, I’m still assuming it was a leak being that it’s stopped and that we have no chilled air now, also do you know which components are behind the dash? I’ve looked around engine bay and seems to be primarily pipe work.
  11. ok, so it appears that hissing has definitely been a leak from behind the dash somewhere, as it has stop today and low and behold no chilled air from any vent.
  12. Thanks for the reply toms, it can be heard on any setting as long as the AC is on, today when using the car the passenger side which was coolest yesterday is starting to feel warmer too, so I’m thinking the hissing is a leak behind the dash somewhere as it’s gradually getting worse, the car is booked to be looked at on Monday. I can’t smell anything however.
  13. Is there a method to reset or re-calibrate the system? Unsure of this is needed
  14. Only slightly or? Tonight I couldn’t tell a difference between air con and no air con on driver side
  15. Iantt are you saying you also have the same issue or that bith vents feel the same?
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