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  1. Durashift

    I've had the same problem for a couple of year, first thing to do is clean all the contacts on the actuators, sometimes they miss a signal and shut the car down. They can be seen on the front of the gearbox bottom right of engine. If that dosen't do it check the wires for a break. If all else fails its the actuators, unfortunatly cleaning them out solves the problem for a while but it comes back and you will end up buying new actuators (£400). The gearbox is a standard 5 speed ford with the actuator bolted on. Good luck.
  2. Fusion Durashift

    OK here we go again, new problem, the light for gearbox failure came on 3 times last week. Apart from avoiding being rear eneded, it put me off driving for a while. Anyway after phoning the ford dealers they said there isn't any diagnostic check to find out what is wrong. So took it to have the diagnostic on the engine all was correct (no faults) So its the gearbox actuatorS. As I mentioned before its a standard gearbox and all the gearchange and clutch control is done from 2 bolted on actuators. Not paying £100 an hour especially as the mechanic said its trial and error the only way they can find out what is wrong is if you take it in when its not working. (great how do you get it there i asked) They never find any errors if they are intermittent. Going to speak to ford to try and get some diagrams of the actuators and check them out myself. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM AND HAD IT SORTED OUT, IT WOULD BE GREAT IF PEOPLE GAVE ME SOME OF THEIR EXPERIENCES BEFORE I START. Needless to say any information I find will be posted on this site. SO PLEASE SEND ME ANY FAULTS YOU HAVE HAD WITH THE FUSION DURASHIFT AND THE PARTS YOU HAD REPLACED. PS AGAIN THE SERVICE ENGINEER SAID IT WAS A SPECIAL GEARBOX, IT'S NOT.
  3. Fusion Durashift

    Ok latest update on the banging that sometimes happens when I pull off, this happens very infrequently and usually preceeded by a slight shudder. Got under the motor and pulled and pushed to see if anything was loose. Well one exhaust bracket was a little warn, so replaced it. Fingers crossed (Fusion durashift drivers can do that when driving) I think I have solved it. The exhaust is so close to the body any loose or warn brackets lifts up exhaust pipe and it hits the underside of the bodywork. Mine was under the drivers seat, have a look sometimes you can just see where its hitting.
  4. Fusion Durashift

    Hi Bob, I would do but can you visualise my wife driving it whilst talking to her friends. I know woman can multi task but I think it’s asking a bit much. If she asks me for a divorce and wants half the house I might do it. No seriously, I used to do that when I was young, the best was the old mini you just swapped the master cylinders on the bulk head, Mind you that was when I was 16, thought I knew better and the first time I tried it I rammed into the back of my dad Vauxhall victor which was made from the thinnest sheets of steel ever used in a car bodies, I completely demolished his boot. Just for reference on the Fusion at the side of the accelerator there is about 3” of space behind the plastic facia panel, I cut a bit out and my shoe fits in with ease, it covers an electic plug joint that can be easily redireted. Thanks for the idea, cheers mate. .
  5. Fusion Durashift

    Hi Pete, brilliant mate, believe it or not last week my son said he could smell burning, as the car was juddering I though clutch. It turned out to be the back brake sticking on occasionally. freed it all Ok no Juddering. One other interesting point, when you are accelerating and the side of your foot catches the brake pedal you get the same affect, with the added feeling that the engine is going to land in your lap. Being disabled and having to drive with my left foot this is easily done.
  6. Fusion Durashift

    Yes 12 months, but only the AA 5 star
  7. Fusion Durashift

    Being a disabled driver I purchased a 2003 Fusion with Durashift. Soon after purchasing it, it s developed a noise with a vibration. After being told by several Ford agents (including the main one in Birmingham) that the gearbox is based on the old DAF technology and the rubbing noise is the belt drive rubbing on the variant cones. I decided to buy the fiesta manual and have a look. Their information was a load of rubbish, its a standard gearbox with electronic clutch and gearshift bolted on, I now feel a lot better as I have been driving a motorhome with similar controls, its called click and Go and supplied by Vehvac technology (have a look at their site). It looks like most of the problems are electronically based. I have found out that the judder I get when it's warm is the electronic clutch control getting a signal from some other source, a faulty electronic probe or a warped clutch plate. I'm an engineer and feel relived that most of the repairs are under my control and not at the mercy of garage repair rates currently running a £100 an hour. Can Durashift owners with problems post some of the symptoms or solution, we can then have a human database and be well prepared for a visit to the diagnostic man with his magic box, I’m sure we can cut the costs of repairs down. Maybe we can self diagnose problems between us.
  8. 1.6 auto ford fusion bad vibrations

    Just a thought, I have had a strange noise that seems to be in the middle of my ford fusion semi auto. Took it in a the ford tester who said without looking I bet you have some made in china tyres on it. he explained the tread pattern on some brands set up a viabration at set speeds. I was quite please when I purchase the car some 6 weeks ago as they were brand new tyres. Check where the tyres were made?