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  1. Definitely on the same page. I am currently thinking of perhaps buying some small car for 2k-3k for the meantime, or trade this garbage in for something else. I understand because, before the service, focus drove 20k glorious kilometres, smooth drive, spacious, fast, super drive without any failure or error, mine is petrol too, and the next car i get will be petrol. Golf ain't bad but if you compare to focus, by far better. Or Passat perhaps?
  2. Ugly design i mean seriously the car looks bad. Ain't in pension yet 😄
  3. Damn, well that is by far worse situation than mine!
  4. Spot on, Nissan was an amazing brand, they lost some of the reliability from the past, but nowdays i have no clue about how they behave. Don't get me wrong Ford exterior design is fire, looks damn good, i only wish that it was made like that on the inside, which is by far more important than outside. See Toyota perhaps takes the crown for engine reliability but they are ugly AF on outside, no offence.
  5. Well you just named all European manufacturers... to hell with them too. Looking at honda or subaru brz ( has a Toyota engine 😄 , and very good ratings as far as reliability goes ). Anything but EU or US, Asian manufacturers are by far better in engine quality as their counterparts here.
  6. Well Tomsfocus than we are on the same page, but i can tell you what Volvo ceo said in a press conference not long ago a month or so, they make cars in China, why? Because they perform work better there than in Europe or in US, sad isn't it, once China was thought of lesser now it is better... Toyota is overall the best ( most reliable car brand ) on all global indexes, rarely something breaks down, probably due to good engineering... Even Hyundai is better than Ford on global indexes. Might i ask you got any problems with your focus?
  7. Almost every ford car made after 2010 has a huge chance of going south, basically, it will, just a matter of time. From bad head gaskets to various transmission failures ( if you got automatic ), fuel pumps made from bad parts, shuddering ( not only due to the clutch but other factors too ), electronic failures across the board, probably could find more if i had will, which i don't have anymore loved ford, despite everyone saying don't buy it, i did, i saw, i lost,... to hell with ford.
  8. Well the codes are implying at least 7 sensors and there is no pressure coming from it, on Tuesday i have a service for that coolant sensor to be built in ( recall... ), and while i was there for every week for last 4 weeks trying to get them to look at it, they noted they will look at it on Tuesday. The guy who came to help me from the " Road assistance " and checked the car, said it doesn't look good. We had in neutral, pushed to 6-7000 rpms and then came the hiss... the first thing the dude said is " Turbo fail ". I am selling this garbage as soon as the sensor is installed, there is like a ton of other things just waiting to fail... sorry better sooner as later, later costs too much.
  9. Now isetta, how can that happen, with someone who has decades of designing engines? How can turbo fail after 30k? What sort of nonsense is that? It is ford nonsense and you can find out on www or simply if know a person with a great amount of experience with car handling and maintenance... well they will tell you things you didn't want to know.
  10. Well Mike, as it happens entire turbo is now garbage... like most of ford cars... I asked this person as why would that happen, he said that Ford uses the best materials on the world... just kidding, because the stock turbo is simply made from garbage found around the factory. The codes given by computer are across the board, mainly 7 codes are only turbo based, furthermore, to update my current situation, i think that now the fuel pump might join in to the party. So for short after some more research about Ford and their beloved garbage engine i found out that, buying this car was a huge mistake. I see you got 2017 focus well, have fun. I am selling mine garbage.
  11. The level of issues with fords EcoBoost engine is above the roof... There is a ton of things that can and most likely will go bad. Used to be a ford fan, before they introduced this eco-garbage engine, engineering at its lowest. How can you sell that, before that, build such garbage, at least take some time and perfect it, don't just produce it. With so many experiences in building cars, they build such crap that one can only ask himself, where is the logic? Why such engine design? And then mass produce it? Makes no sense at all... Just type 1.6 or 1.0 EcoBoost problems, the web will light up and your will to drive ford nonexistent anymore ( mine has gone from 1 failure to another, and i know a thing or two about engine maintenance ).
  12. JW is wrong... i have the same car as you do, 2012 focus 1.6 ecogarbage... driving 70kmh in fifth gear, suddenly the car stutters for abit, a yellow warning comes up, engine failure... called the " ford garbage " assistance... complete turbo failure, to what reasons i will soon know. The car drives, with the failure, no power as it is clear the garbage system is broken... Furthermore the 2010 to 2015 cars made with ECOgarbage are garbage i highly advise not to buy any ford car during this period.
  13. Hey man, so i actually made the account so i could share, probably the same thing, with you and rest of folks. So I have Focus 2012, 1.6 ecoboost, nothing special, super cool ride. Would like to point out, I did reading and researched as how to best drive cars with a turbo. So i did cca. 20000kms nothing special happens. So the first service came up and i said to guys at Ford garage to make it a good one, money doesn't matter. When i got the car back it drove better as normal, more "fluidly" worked super, that was not for long. I went to my sister that lives around 100 km away, on the back trip ***** hit the fan. Driving 70-80 kmph in fifth gear, suddenly car begins to jack or stutter, so i downshift, doesn't improve, downshift to 3rd gear and drop speed to around 50 kmph, car begins to drive normally the " Engine failure, please service " light comes up. So I called a friend with experiences in mechanics, other than ford mechanic, and he said, in my opinion, you could still drive but don't expect any good speeds so to say. I drove home, next day i turn the car on NO FREAKING WARNING LIGHT, the turbo doesn't work, and start-stop doesn't work. Went to Ford garage, mechanic drives around with it, says nothing is wrong even though he felt that he ain't getting the acceleration. So now i am basically waiting that something goes absolutely wrong, if it will ever, while I wait for my friends' garage to free some time for diagnostics on my car. If anyone here had their turbo failed, and car drives, but without the damn ecoboost, can you please share on what was the problem perhaps.