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  1. Lmao i found issue, the air pipe has snapped off. But will get that error fixed i found
  2. Just tried clearing and still get the same results, also new profile.
  3. Ok so i now understand it, the error is something to do with a sensor for fuel ratio and stuff but i cant seem to find anything saying yhis could cause the car to cut out/stall. Maybe someone would know more
  4. Strange one, when i flick the switch i get some errors when i flick the switch i get other errors (the switch when i brought is meant to be up and down but its left to right) these are what i got....as said the issue i have is the car tries to stall on me (has actually stalled) but i have to add more gas but its like the car turns off and back on
  5. Ones audio (maybe because original is no longer in) and i will have to plug in for the other one as cant remember
  6. Had an issue again with car keep stalling and its like car resets its self, management light on so i plugged in forscan and its saying powertrain control module error car is fiesta mk6 zetec 06 plate any help and advice and if this could be my issue thanks guys
  7. My issue is now fixed since draining and using acpriper garage, also happened with mate when they owned car when using morrisons fuel
  8. Added some redex and been giving it some high acceleration and running a treat now, so must of been fuel! Thanks all for help and advice, will see if service picks anything up thursday
  9. So could this be a cause? As a few forums i looked at have loads of different causes
  10. Running rest of petrol out today and refill tomoz with a proper fuel station and got a full service booked in thursday. No battery light on and proper battery. And yes sub and amp wired sill but its not that. The person i had it from said it did it to them once when using morrisons fuel and since she used some where else it never did it again.
  11. Trying to waste the fuel and try some where else. And tbh ive had it a month and as far as i know not in a long time. Iam planning on getting it serviced soon.
  12. So i have a fiesta mk6 zetec 06 plate i brought it 2 months ago from a friend. Everything was ok till i added sub and amp and i went out to car and started it and it died. Got it going and it kept stalling when going to pull off. Anyway changes batt as it was old and it fixed the issue....so i thought Checked battery and its still the same volts as when brought so deffo not battery. yesterday the car did the same started and cut out 3 times and when driving and trying to pull off would try to cut out so had to put more acceleration on. Friend said she had this issue when
  13. Only my drivers window on opening is one touch, plus its the only one with 2 arrows if you get me, tried resetting and nothing 😞
  14. does anyone know where i can find a "spreadsheet" for fiesta mk6 for forscan. cant seem to find one so i can find my way round. thanks
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