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  1. Insurance

    If you crash, for example total your car, your insurance is void
  2. Insurance

    Wouldn't touch Adrian Flux after my experience, Insured the car with them for 1 month, had to cancel for financial reasons and now I apparently owe them 151GBP after paying 230GBP already for one months worth of cover, absolutely disgusting!
  3. Modified Bonnets?

    So what you're saying is get the vents cut out to size of whatever I buy, like your example? and a good average price is 30 quid per vent?
  4. Modified Bonnets?

    What am I looking at cost wise?
  5. Modified Bonnets?

    I've been looking at the new Focus RS and love the bonnet look, is there any websites or places people know of that do bonnet modifications? Tried google and can only find standard. Thanks!
  6. Urgent: Brake Light Constantly On

    Since it has changed to the other side and I've been swapping an old bulb around since one of them broke while transfering, it must be the old bulb I'm using, I will fiddle around with it now and get back to you, thanks guys!
  7. Hi guys, I bought some new rear lights, plugged them in and it seemed the right one worked fine, but the left one caused my brake lights to turn on, I then thought it was a light fault, I then removed them and put my old lights back on, then the right one of my original lights caused the same problem. Not only that, when I brake, my sidelights come on all over the car front and back, fuses seem fine and I have no idea what it could be. Ideas? It's a MK6 fiesta
  8. Hey hey, I just got some new tail lights, not made by Ford, but I am having trouble installing them, thought it was a simple plug n play since the rears aren't that hard of a swap. the right one is fine, but when the left one is connected it makes everything reversed, so my brake lights are dim and my sides are bright, as well as having the boot brake light on continuously when my sides are on, which is quite dangerous since people won't see that I'm breaking. Contacted the seller and he said As for your problem can you check the earths for the lights. Sounds like an earth problem. Maybe it was disturbed when you fitted them. If not let us know. I will ask supplier monday of they have any other idea's. I don't know what I have possibly disturbed since it is all wired and ready, any help at all is appreciated. It's a mk6 5 door btw Thanks! Nick
  9. Probably sounding like a dummy, but I thought an air filter was another name for an induction kit, or is it a separate part? Thanks
  10. Sounds good, but with petrol prices these days, I might give it a go and see what difference it makes, I usually get Shell because of the driver club points, so will give it a go, thanks!
  11. Not entirely true, depends on no claims and other circumstances, but I have alloys, window tints, headlights, induction and it only came out to 200 more for the year
  12. Thank you for the replies guys, you're probably right, will have the car for a good 2 or 3 years more, just wondered if their was ways of boosting performance, but if it will cost too much just for a 1.4 then I completely agree and will just wait.
  13. Hey guys, decided to come back to this forum and starting off with your guys help on what you think I should do to my Fez for a bit more oomph, it's only a 1.4 and can't upgrade to an ST or anything while I'm still at University. Was looking at Miltek exhausts, but they seem to only fit STs, any other mods people suggest? Appreciate any input, thanks!
  14. I Want My Fiesta To Sound Nice

    Lol, I just want it to sound nice :P ordered a K&N so just gotta wait for it to be delivered :)
  15. I Want My Fiesta To Sound Nice

    I have to renew next month, won't add a massive amount will it? and i've been checking out K&N so they sound quite nice yeh? and I didn't mean the sound of it being better because of carbon, I was just wondering if it made any differences lol thanks for the fast reply