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  1. On Friday I got the Low coolant message on my board computer. I checked the level and it was just below the Min so I topped up around 200-300ml to get it to just above the Max. I checked the level the last couple of days and it hasn't decreased. Should I be worried or is some coolant loss normal? The coolant was fully replaced in June 2018 when the car went for the degas hose recall - when I got it back, the coolant was at the Max.
  2. I got my top engine mount replaced yesterday. The difference is day and night. The start/stop has become imperceptible now. The vibrations are almost non-existent and the car feels much smoother.
  3. How difficult are these to DIY? The top mount in mine looks fine - no bulge, no liquid leaking but there are quite a lot of vibrations so maybe some of the other mounts have failed..
  4. Has anyone fit the Mountune billet quick shift on the 1.6 EcoBoost Focus mk3? I don't really like the gear changes on my Car especially after having driven the mk3.5 ST of a colleague. Is it the same part for LHD and RHD cars? And I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative
  5. Yee, exactly. Which category of parts is this please?
  6. Can anyone point me to the category in the parts catalogue where I can find the active grille system/shutters? I hit a rabbit at motorway speeds a few months ago and am having my front bumper and grille replaced. I just noticed that the active shutters got damaged as well so those will need replacing as well most likely. The thing is, I can't find them anywhere in the catalogue - I've went through the front bumper section, the engine cooling section and many others and they are nowhere to be seen..
  7. The other morning I noticed that someone had stolen the aerial on my Focus and now I need to figure out a replacement. The Finis code for my aerial is 1695477 but I can see there are a few others listed as well. Are they all compatible or does the trim/equipment level matter?
  8. Should the degas hose on the 1.6 EB be replaced with a mk3.5 as well if it has went through the coolant issue recall?
  9. I got into an accident a few weeks ago and have to replace my front bumper, center grill and one of the triangular trim pieces on the bumper. I'm thinking of using this as an opportunity to put some DRLs. Has anyone on here installed these or similar ?|Plat_Gen%3AMK+III&hash=item5912f06115:g:9WkAAOSwKsdbpKPU Are you happy with them and are they easy to install? I remember JW1982 had put on a set from AliExpress on his Focus and they looked pretty good.
  10. Nope, definitely doesn't do this. Do you feel a vibration through the steering wheel and pedals when the car is idling? In my car it becomes most noticeable if I rev the engine to 1000-1200rpm.
  11. Yeah, that gearchange jerk is so annoying. I've had the car for almost a year now and it still makes me feel like I don't know how to drive a manual unless I baby the clutch pedal..
  12. Yes, like in a diesel - I feel them through the steering wheel, gear stick, and seat. When I turn the A/C on the vibrations become even stronger. Not sure what you mean by the gear stick moving.