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  1. Engine Idle

    hi i have a fusion 2 ...54 plate.petrol........when at idle and i put the hazard lights on. this makes the engine seem to miss a beat every time they flash and car idles lumpy turn hazards off and it idles fine ..... the battery and charging system are fine ..eg ,new battery and alternator checked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Seats

    hi has anyone replaced the seats in a fusion 04 plate for somthing more comfey ? any suggestions ?..and if so for what : my back can`t take much more
  3. Fusion Roof Rack / Roof Box Query

    hi after buying mine ..i found ..asda direct.. sold roof bars for around £55 POUND for a ford hope this helps
  4. water in spark plug well

    sorted. i put baby powder on top of the engine when it rained i can see where water is coming from .washer jets .sealed with sealent . job done did.
  5. hi has anyone solved this. i.4 duratec 2004. ichecked mine had water in the rubber fins at the top of the ht cable where you hold to push on . and drips at the base. but on top where ht leads lay was bone dry. i have soaked bonnet with hose pipe to see if water can get in but no joy ialso have the new washer seals thanks for your help in advance.ps isucked water up with syringe it is clear so not coolant as that is bright green ish