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  1. Hmm, might need to look into it a bit more, not sure what else it has on there that would be worth while! Guess I just need to find a garage that has access to it nearby!
  2. Hey all, Wanting to upgrade to the ST line headlights with the DRL strip however from reading on here, I'll need some IDS tinkering.. is this something a lot of people offer? Is it cheap to get? Sounds like it's simple to do as long as you have the software, can I 'obtain' the software and do it myself? Sorry for the questions, I didn't know this 'IDS' existed until reading about it just now! Thanks!
  3. Oo, didn't know that, could be a good shout, budget depending. The sporty kit definitely is a game changer, I find it looks very 'flat' without it.
  4. Hey, I've literally just this weekend bought the Zetec S as my second car.. it's pokey, very pokey, I'd say you may even be better off going for the 100 model instead being that it's for your 17 year old daughter.. This being said, even with my short time with the car, I've been immensely impressed with my ZS; it's fast, comfortable, solid, tight, absolutely fantastic.
  5. That's a shame, I'll have to look for a place that'll do a decent job then! Thanks.
  6. Hey all, got my second car last week, a 2013 Zetec S.. completely blown away by it currently, my 06 zetec was falling apart so it's a welcome upgrade. One thing i'm not overly fond of is the rear diffuser, the ST one looks far superior however I see that they only did the ST in spirit blue opposed to deep impact blue, how similar are these colours? It's hard to tell from googling them side by side. Would you notice the different colour if I took one of the ST diffusers? Thanks!
  7. yeah, it always tries, just never releases.. unless i push down on the right side.
  8. On my MK6 fiesta, I can't unlock the drivers side with the unlock button on the key, it locks fine, and unlocks the passenger side, just not the drivers door, which obviously is the most important one so it's quite frustrating.. any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks all!
  9. As the title suggests; on my MK6 fiesta the boot only opens without me pressing down on the right hand side 1/10 attempts. Can anyone shed some light on a way to fix it? Thanks!
  10. A friend at work has offered to lend me a socket and I've just ordered the sensor, will give it a go when the sensor comes. He just took me outside and showed me where it is, seems reasonably easy to get to and looks in reasonable condition so hopefully I wont run into too many problems, thanks!
  11. I can't remember the error code off the top off my head but I do remember it saying bank1sensor1, and yes, my engine light is on, it was going on and off to begin with, but now it's on all the time.
  12. Hi all, According to an error code i'm getting, i need to change the bank 1 lamda sensor. How easy is this to do? I'm not super confident with cars but I don't feel like spending £120+ for a garage to do it. Any help would be appreciated.. I don't even know where the sensors are 😫
  13. Hi all, Got a new bit of trim for my driver side pillar as it was missing when I bought the car, however I can't for the life of me figure out how to fit it, there's multiple plastic clips that all seem to fit in place, but the bottom clip is metal and it just doesn't seem long enough to clip in place.. am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks!
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