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  1. Headlight Bezel

    I dont mind driving around without washers - no ones going to notice or care. The MOT test only says if washers and autolevelling are present they must work.
  2. Headlight Bezel

    I want to fit daytime running lights to my 2012 Titanium. I was going to buy these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Focus-Daytime-Running-Lights/dp/B005QXKBZK, but realised that DRLs are standard on Titanium X. Is there somewhere that I could just buy the Titanium X headlight bezel?
  3. New Mk3 Focus Photos

    What model/engine is it?
  4. Is there any way to fit rear sensors and hook them up to the cars brain so it looks like they are part of the city pack?
  5. New Mk3 Focus

    I've got the 18 inch alloys aswell, I had the car one day and had a puncture. It was able to be repaired thank !Removed!.
  6. Mk7 Zetec S and wet weather

    Grip is crap. I nearly ended up in a wall a few weeks ago. Nothing at all like the grip on the MK6.5 - I almost feel nervous when it's wet out.
  7. Windscreen washer fluid reservoir

    People have been successively using tap water in their washer reservoirs for 349582394 years.
  8. HELP! FAO all Drivers

    Have you gone mad?
  9. De-icing - Winter

    Mine is a matter of weeks old too and it's the same. I don't think the elements go all the way across the screen, they're split in half (but haven't really looked).
  10. De-icing - Winter

    Think that's normal. Mine is the same, and was on my MK6 also.
  11. Rev Limiter or not ??

    Please don't kill anyone.
  12. MK7 fiesta's

    I got rubber mats for free. :)
  13. De-icing - Winter

    Never really had to de-ice my car before setting off for work. Was parked in a garage last winter, but won't be this year. Do you guys just use the heated windscreen? Scraper, cover? What's best?
  14. Ford Insure...

    I bet if you really looked around, you'd find a cheaper insurer than Ford.
  15. Dimming - menu

    Thanks people.