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  1. Mk2 Rear Light Cluster?

    Hi Does anyone know if the rear light cluster of the Mk2 Approx 58Plate (The New almost white/clear lenses) will fit straight into the Mk1 (56Plate) model that looks very similar in shape except the Mk1 has a red brake light instead of the whole cluster being white? Also, are the front bumpers interchangeable from the Mk2 to the Mk1? Basically, i would love to fit the front bumper/grill with the large mouth onto my 56Plate, but only if the fitments are a straight forward swapover! Any advice or help on these two questions would be grateful. Thx
  2. Hi Ive been a diesel Audi fan for years until i recently had a drive in quite a new focus. I was extremely suprised the diffirence from what i remember what a focus used to be. So I bought a 56plate Focus 2.0 145ps Titanium recently with 14k on the clock and previously owned by a very careful lady doctor, Condition wise, It looks straight out of the box - its immaculate! Part leather, cracking Sony soundsystem, parking sensors, Auto everything! Only downside is that i wish i had plumped for the TDCI instead of the 2.0 petrol. Im extremely happy with the drive of the focus. Believe it or not, i feel the feedback through the steering is superb and better than the Audi A4 i previously had. To sum up, im glad i made the change to the Focus. I would have loved the Mk2, but the Mk1 is just as good under the skin, but the MK2 has that big gaping mouth at the front which looks superb! I have one technical question to ask on another forum, so hopefully someone will have the knowledge to help me out!