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  1. Sorry I don't that's the only picture I took
  2. Hamster, I know for many it isn't a fault, a small amount of condensation is the norm and is acceptable. However this really isn't acceptable and in my view is a fault:
  3. I don't get much in the outer rear lights but my centre strip is terrible. Not just condensation actual big drops of water running down it all along its length. Going to dealer next week to have it replaced under warranty. It is so bad no quibble, dealer just said yup needs replacing.
  4. What are the notable differences between Sync v3.0 and v3.3?
  5. KugaEdge


    Dave, have fun! I enabled the drive away locking and changed the 3 flash indicators to 4 (just because I could, that was like my trial mod to get comfortable with it) Let us know how you get on.
  6. This is how I did it: Engine on. Put car into reverse, press right mirror switch, move mirror to the position you want in reverse, press and hold one of the seat memory buttons until you hear a beep. Put car back in park, press the right mirror switch and the mirror will move back to its original position. (The first time I set it I also had to press the seat memory button again to get the mirror back to the original position. This was odd and I couldn't replicate this when I tried to change the reversing position afterwards). To check, put car back in reverse and press the righ
  7. KugaEdge


    Hello Dave, no real issues other than it's a leap of faith because there is very little out there in terms of which codes have been tested as safe to modify specifically on the Edge. In terms of platform the Edge is closest in relation to the current Mondeo or Fusion on the USA. All the things I changed I took from the US 2gfusions.net site where people are compiling spreadsheets of the different codes. Take your time with Forscan, it's very good but not terribly intuitive. I spent ages just reading codes, resetting fault codes, comparing my values with those I could find on the web befor
  8. Press and hold the memory button for the electric seats to complete that step of the process. If you don't have electric memory seats then there is no way to do it.
  9. Just to close off the thread, groaning was definitely due to hitch contamination. Before going away with the caravan this week I cleaned the ball with sandpaper followed by brake cleaner and the friction pads in the hitch very thoroughly with brake cleaner. 400 miles and not a single groan or creak from the towbar. Just looks like another job to add to the routine maintenance list.
  10. Had something similar, always uphill under load, took a couple of dealer visits to fix. Fault codes were P06DD engine oil pressure control circuit performance/stuck off and P06DE engine oil pressure control circuit stuck on. Dealer replaced oil pressure solenoid I think.
  11. Our 2017 diesel ST Line 180 AWD manual is doing about 42 on average.
  12. As said above I think you'll need Forscan. I'm going to get round to doing it on our 17 plate Kuga soon, I've already done it on my Edge.
  13. Aircon recall done, agreed new centre rear light cluster needed under warranty so ordered and tow module reconfigured.
  14. Sat in the dealer waiting for it to be done now. Asked them to look at the heavy condensation in the centre rear light cluster and an issue with the tow module that they fitted last year (it's incorrectly coded, doesn't disable the rear park sensors or the blis when trailer is connected).
  15. The new auto boxes are 8 speed not 10. A well specified Sport Lux in the previous shape was well over £40k anyway so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. No-one in their right mind should buy a brand new Edge unless you have money to burn, no different for the pre or post facelift versions. A 6 month old example with less than 10k miles on the clock on the other hand is a very sensible buy and will be thousands (if not ten thousand) pounds less than the list price. That's where the sensible money goes.
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