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  1. Our 2017 diesel ST Line 180 AWD manual is doing about 42 on average.
  2. As said above I think you'll need Forscan. I'm going to get round to doing it on our 17 plate Kuga soon, I've already done it on my Edge.
  3. Aircon recall done, agreed new centre rear light cluster needed under warranty so ordered and tow module reconfigured.
  4. Sat in the dealer waiting for it to be done now. Asked them to look at the heavy condensation in the centre rear light cluster and an issue with the tow module that they fitted last year (it's incorrectly coded, doesn't disable the rear park sensors or the blis when trailer is connected).
  5. The new auto boxes are 8 speed not 10. A well specified Sport Lux in the previous shape was well over £40k anyway so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. No-one in their right mind should buy a brand new Edge unless you have money to burn, no different for the pre or post facelift versions. A 6 month old example with less than 10k miles on the clock on the other hand is a very sensible buy and will be thousands (if not ten thousand) pounds less than the list price. That's where the sensible money goes.
  6. Mine was supposed to be going in tomorrow for this having been booked in 4 weeks ago. Dealer rang this morning to say they didn't have the part and they were on back order. Didn't have a clue when the part might arrive 😑
  7. I'm at 23k and both front and rears look like they have plenty of life left in them.
  8. No idea on car play but it works great on the Edge with Android Auto 😋
  9. KugaEdge


    Yes get it from forscan.org Helpful post in the forum about what obdII adapters to buy. I have the obdlink MX Bluetooth. Your choice will depend on what you want to connect it to pc/iOS/Android
  10. KugaEdge


    I've used it to modify settings, eg enable drive away locking, change three flash indicators to four flashes. You really need to exercise care when fiddling with the ECU settings. It isn't intuitive and most of the settings you need you can only find through web research. There are obdII scan tools that can access the HS and MS CAN networks simultaneously without a switch or modification, I've got one, they are more expensive. Forscan extended licence is free but has to be reapplied for every two months.
  11. If only you were closer. Next time I'm up that way I promise it's a date.
  12. So how is it that practically every other car from every other manufacturer sold in Europe has this feature? The car knows when it is is a crash (it sets the airbags off, turns the hazzards on etc), all manufacturers send a door unlock signal in the event of a crash signal being detected by the car. Ford does exactly this also (they have to in case you locked the doors manually using the button) so you won't get stuck inside in the event of a crash. So, it leaves me totaly bewildered as to why Ford think they needed to do something different.
  13. So it's done. After a lot of practice goes and familiarising myself with the OBD adapter (OBDLink MX) and the software (Forscan) I've edited the relevant settings in the BCM and IPC modules and drive away locking now is enabled and working with no unforeseen consequences. It's not for the feint hearted however. I've wanted auto lock to work on the Edge ever since I bought it and frankly couldn't believe that Ford had removed this feature from all of their European models. I'm very happy that it's now enabled. As it happens I changed the three flash indicators to four flash indicators as my trial run to make sure I was happy with the programming process.
  14. As said already, lightly greased if the hitch doesn't have a built in anti snake device (almost all types of trailer) and as clean and dry as a whistle, not even paint on the ball if it does (most modern caravans).
  15. Thanks for the replies. Home safely without drama. Cleaned the pads in the hitch just with some dry kitchen roll and scrubbed the ball with an old wire scouring pad and dried (only thing I had access to whilst on holiday!). Result much less groaning and creaking when turning, so that clearly was the problem.