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  1. Hi So I should get the seal then? Any brands I should avoid? Thanks,
  2. Hi Ian Thank you for your help. Will get the oil ordered. Presumably the lever bar action is to prise the shaft away from the gearbox to disengage it? Thanks,
  3. Hi Can anyone list what components are required for driveshaft change on Focus mk3 2.0 TDCi please? I have seen mention of seals that have to be replaced on the Mondeo which I presume has the same gearbox? Does the gearbox oil have to be drained to take the driveshaft out? To remove the passenger side do you have to remove the driver side first? Thanks,
  4. Hi, I have noticed water droplets a few times in the boot of my mk3 estate. Last night I found that the back car windows were steamed up as would be expected from a water leak and water dripping from behind the boot light clusters on both sides. The car was parked on a slight angle to the driver's side. Does anyone know what the likely points of water ingress are into the mk3 estate from around window and above height? Thanks,
  5. Hi I am sceptical about going to a franchise dealer for parts because they may add a significant mark up for components. Thanks,
  6. DickP

    Focus Mk3 Service Reset

    Hi, I also like to service my car earlier than the service interval mileage. My car is a 2011 Focus mk3 2.0 TDCi 140ps Titanium. Will this have the service indicator and will I be able to reset it before the service indicator is activated? Thanks,
  7. Hi, I may need the driver side driveshaft or at least the intermediate support bearing. I have had a look online and I am struggling to find a supplier of either the driveshaft or support bearing. Does anyone know where i can source one of either (or both) which is of a reputable brand? Thanks,
  8. DickP


    Hi Sorry to hear that the map didn't resolve the issue Michael. I would suggest trying to use more revs when pulling away. I find if I let it rev up to around 2,000rpm it doesn't lurch and it also holds it around there and won't rev beyond it unless you push the pedal a lot further. As in a previous post of mine, someone I know who as a mk2 facelift with the previous incarnation of this engine has said it can be stalled around 1400-1500 rpm when pulling away if you're not very careful. This might suggest why Ford have mapped the mk3 this way. I suppose it being a 16v twin cam engine might influence its behaviour too. As to why we don't hear of it being an issue, I can only think other people must just use more revs as well regardless of what they're driving, rather than being used to a diesel's low rpm torque. Thanks,
  9. DickP


    Hi Michael, That's great news. Would you mind messaging me the details of what was done and who did it please? For the benefit of anyone else who might be wondering, I have also spoken with a friend who's family happens to have the previous model of Focus with the earlier incarnation of this engine. It transpires their engine is not happy pulling away at less than 1800 rpm and they have always pulled away with revs around 2000 rpm since they bought it when it was new. The car is now on circa 150k on the factory clutch. Thanks,
  10. DickP


    Hi That is for the smaller capacity eco version of the 1.6 tdci isn't it? I take your point however and will update if I resolve it. Very frustrating because the car is otherwise everything I want from a car of this class. Thanks
  11. DickP


    Hi Tom Thanks for the quick reply. I am not so sure it's such a widespread issue as otherwise all the car reviews would also highlight the issue surely? The dealership wouldn't attempt to update the PCM as they said there were no bullitens for my car. They also said any time the car was serviced it would automatically get any updates as they have to plug it in to the computer as part of the service process. My car spent most of its life being serviced by franchise dealers so if what they said is true mine should be running the latest software. It also puzzles me why sometimes it drives absolutely fine and most of the time it is a pain at setting off in stop start traffic. If I increased revs to say 1200 to pull away it then blips the throttle to 1800 or so rpm and then the revs dive back to 1200. It does it as a pace faster than I can make the engine rev with no load (regardless of trying this at different parts of the rev range). Sometimes it will do it twice if I slip the clutch long enough. The only workaround I have found is if I am more aggressive with the throttle setting off, it will then limit the rpm to around 2000 and hold it there whilst setting off. No lurching! The only issue is that it's not ideal in stop start traffic and I am conscious it will not be doing the clutch or flywheel any favours. Thanks,
  12. DickP


    Hi By a brief update, the car drove really well for part of my commute this morning. It didn't do it's revvy thing at all and behaved like any other normal car, and then it started doing it again late on in the journey. I cannot imagine a manufacturer releasing a car that behaves like this as normal. But I don't know what can influence it when all the sensor readings are showing fine. What also regulated the anti stall and fuel rail pressure? Can there be a dodgy solenoid or vacuum pipe that is causing the anti stall to kick in aggressively when it's not needed? Thanks,
  13. DickP


    Hi Thanks for the reply. I haven't found the absolute position reading on Forscan, only the difference between desired and actual which stays pretty much near nill as I would expect for a working EGR. If there is no way to easily rectify the rev surge where it revs up rapidly another 200 to 500 rpm over what I input as a driver, then I think I will be moving the car on. Thanks,
  14. DickP

    Understand the MPG (maybe help/maybe not)

    Hi Engines have parts in their rev range that they are most efficient. Low revs does not equate to low fuel use. Think what it's like on a bicycle if you use a gear that's too tall for a given speed.
  15. DickP


    Hi Having done some more digging around I have read about a SCV which controls fuel rail pressure. If this is faulty will it give the symptoms described above? Thanks