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  1. Hi My car does this exact thing as well. It's a 2011 diesel titanium (discs on rear). Sometimes when it does it I can feel it vibrate the steering wheel which to me suggests it's not just the back brakes (if it is them at all). Does anyone know the solution? Thanks,
  2. Hi TomsFocus What was the solution? Is it defective struts or rack? Thanks,
  3. Hi Motorcraft pads on the front and pagid on the rear. It appears the brakes are intermittently binding and do not know why as they seem to move freely when inspected or if the wheel is raised off the ground. Thanks,
  4. Hi Mine is the same and has had wishbones, drop links and top mounts replaced without any change. I have seen on an American forum that cars from 2011 and 2012 can have defective front dampers which knock. Likewise there are mentioning of the steering rack being clunky on later cars necessitating replacement under warranty.
  5. Hi I believe to have a door module failure on my Titanium spec car given the symptoms: Mirrors intermittently folding Offside mirror indicator working intermittently Driver window working intermittently Fault codes: DTC U0199:00-2E and DTC U0140:00-2E (I also have DTC U0236:00-2F but that is a long standing error code but the steering lock seems to work) Can I just replace the door module with a second hand unit? Do I need to have it programmed in (Can this be done with Forscan?)? Thanks,
  6. Hi, These are the strut top mounts installed to my car. https://www.mister-auto.co.uk/suspension-struts/skf/vkda-35435-t/ Are they correct and the revised design? Thanks,
  7. Hi Discs are in good condition. There is minimal to no build up of corrosion or rust flakes on the rear discs and the front discs are almost new. Thanks,
  8. Hi, In my quest for resolving an annoying rattle and clunk on rough roads or down cobble streets, I am looking to replace the anti roll bar bushes as the car has already had top mounts, wishbones and drop links of which made no difference. Mister Auto shows two different sizes, which are a millimetre different in diameter. I have tried measuring the bar that's on my car with calipers but i am not sure I am getting an accurate enough reading given there is only a millimetre between the two bush options. Does anyone know what the car is likely to have? Did the estate models have bigger bars so smaller bushes required? Thanks,
  9. Hi, My Focus estate mk3 in Titanium trim has brakes which groan/squeal sometimes when reversing. It doesn't do it every time however. When it does do it I can feel a resonance through the steering wheel. The sound is akin to a large truck or bus coming a halt when it has groan squeally brakes. I have googled about this and there are posts on here of other cars having the same but no exact cause being given or solution. So far I have checked that all calipers move freely and re-greased the slider pins with fresh lithium grease. I haven't applied any copper grease to the rear of the brake pads though - would this cause my symptoms? Thanks,
  10. Hi, If it is like on other cars equipped with Xenon headlights, it will set the default beam height of the headlight. The car will automatically compensate for changes in the ride height (e.g. full boot) to maintain the lighting angle that has been manually set. On my other car which has Xenon lights I adjusted the default position to raise the headlight beam. I used a basement car park (as my office had one at the time) as it was level and had a wall I could point the car at. With trial and error I seemed to get it about right as no adjustments needed for MOT or failures, and I get a slightly longer range with the headlight dip beam. I hope this helps. Thanks,
  11. Hi, No I haven't checked the engine and gearbox mounts apart from visual inspection of the torque resisting dog bone mount when I had the under tray off recently. I would imagine it to be a more substantial noise if it were a mount which had failed. I would attribute the sound akin to heatsheild or plastic trim rattling, but hard enough and loud enough to feel through the body. On occasion I get a clunk through the front suspension and steering wheel on bumps with a large amount of lock on (such as going up a dropped kerb), which I cannot understand as it has new wishbones, top mounts and ARB drop links. Thanks,
  12. Hi Just to provide an update, I discovered that the bolts which secure the boot strut brackets to the car body were finger tight loose. I have tightened these up and hopefully cured the leak. Something to watch for in future in case they have a tendency to unwind with the repeated opening and closing of the tailgate. Thanks,
  13. Hi Thank you very much for the info. Not sure what causes the clonking then as there's not much left to change and the car has not got that many miles on it.
  14. Hi, Presumably nobody knows? Thanks,
  15. Hi As far as I know those lights being on and flashing is normal.