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  1. "For 2008, the Ford Fusion gets a Sport Appearance Package that helps it stand out from the pack, both inside and out. Available on the SE and SEL models, the new package lets Fusion owners add custom details to make their favorite car look even better..." This is from a new review on 2008 Ford Fusion Sport Package, from Top Speed. It includes info on the design and performance of the model, as well as other features. Also available is a wallpaper / photo gallery. Here is the link to the full article: 2008 Ford Fusion Sport Package - Top Speed And the link to the picture gallery: 2008 Ford Fusion Sport Package wallpapers and high resolution photos - Top Speed
  2. Here's a fine review on the 2007 Crown Victoria model. It gives good info on design, features, performance, safety, etc, as well as a small photo gallery. "Ford Crown Victoria is a sedan for traditional large-car buyers who seek the features offered in the American cars they grew up with - roominess, comfort, smooth ride, V-8 power and rear-wheel-drive handling. Size, safety and dependability remain hallmarks of the Crown Victoria, which continues to earn the government’s highest, five-star frontal crash rating for the driver and front passenger." Here is the whole article: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/ford-cro...ia-ar11132.html
  3. Ford Fusion review

    "Ford Fusion distinguishes itself in the most competitive vehicle segment with its standout exterior design and engaging driving dynamics. Breathing a fresh attitude into the American midsize car, Fusion brings to the segment good fuel economy, advanced safety, clean emissions and roomy interior space - all at an outstanding value." This is from a new review on the Fusion on Topspeed. Has info about performance, design and features, and also a nice photo gallery. Here's the whole thing: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/ford-fusion-ar10721.html
  4. Here's a small insight on Ford's 2007 model lineup, the Edge and the Lincoln MKX: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/ford...up-ar10459.html
  5. XR5 Review

    Found a really nice review on the XR5, relating design and performance... also has a few pictures that work great as wallpapers :D It's kind of a long read but it's very nicely done. The review is here: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/ford_focus_xr5-ar7587.html