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  1. Jamie Just seen a response to a post of yours further down the thread mentioning Tyre calculators There used to be printed (shows how long ago) versions of the Tyre technical data books that gave suitable rims for tyres sizes, rolling circumferences & other such data. This then for some time went to a web based source for the truck tyres but I've not seen anything for car tyres for a very long time. Is there (are there any plans to) any source of either / both sets of data in downloadable PDF format anywhere that you are allowed to give a link to please?
  2. Please excuse a follow up Is the vehicle approved Li/Si likely to differ by model (trim level) variant rather than by engine size (Overall weight) and are such figures something the vehicle manufacturers are likely to let the vehicle owner see I'm part of both this and an alternative CMax owners forum and the fitting of M+S / Snow tyres is something that comes up quite often especially in relation to the indices thanks Richard
  3. what is the real legality of the Load & Speed Index of tyres fitted to particular (and different spec of basically same) vehicles either as originally "type approved" or as aftermarket. In particular winter tyres where road conditions mean very unlikely to get to such speeds as "H" rating even if the summer tyres are "V" rating If the load rating of a tyre (per such as ETRTO) is above the permitted maxim loaded mass of the vehicle axles from the VIN plate but below what was originally fitted what is counted as the legal position? thanks Richard
  4. this would suggest it's the turbo on the 1.6 rather than the 1.4 that's got the problem http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/ford/fiesta-2002/?section=good
  5. that engine was it a lot of them or the same as with the turbo on the1.6 (such as for the Cmax) that it was catastrophic when it happened Are engines that have got to over 100K then somewhat less likely to now have problems or have had a new turbo ?
  6. Any Inherent Problems with the 1.4 TDCi diesel engine ? especially in any earlier models or trim levels (3 Dr). With a terminally ill Ka due to rust & suspension, the VED on this being only £30 makes it a possible option to look at
  7. Thanks It confirms what reference to my TIS disc said that Ka's can have ABS on a rear drum I always thought that shoes & drums didn't work fast enough for ABS to function properly
  8. Thanks I've looked on Ford's ETIS at the spec of some that have ABS and they do say "4 wheel" (didn't know any manuf had ever done ABS systems on only the front) I'll take your points above into mind when looking at vehicles Might even take a big bar & "means" to jack front up so as to check for top mount movement
  9. 2012 Door Locked With Key In Ignition

    In such a short time and after presumably at least a 45 min drive (motorway speed) just before ?
  10. Cordless Drill Advice

    Isn't a lot of manufacturing "outsourced" to the far East anyway ?
  11. 2012 Door Locked With Key In Ignition

    there are some strange things happen to locking especially if you leave the key in the ignition
  12. you sorted it before I got to read it It would look however as though the base is the basically the same for both sides with the release handle assembled from the other side http://eucatparts.com/?action=cat_ford_part&s_id_part=1391947&s_id_model=6&s_code_image=D010097805 & http://eucatparts.com/?action=cat_ford_part&s_id_part=1392051&s_id_model=6&s_code_image=G010491203
  13. Car Conundrums!

    fuel tank ?
  14. starting to look at 54 / 05's as to price mileage & spec Of those with ABS does that then mean that it is disc's all round instead of drum's on the rear and are the calipers thus R/H "wind back" rather than just push Does this age of the vehicle still suffer with all the same suspension problems as well thanks
  15. Cordless Drill Advice

    would only say if it were a "trade rated" appliance then Screwfix would likely stock it. I'm not certain of anything from Argos in a "professional" / work capacity