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  1. I did that and checked and re checked. I'll look again to see. Does anyone have an image of they should look like from head on with the bulbs seated correctly
  2. Yea. Handed them recently and they are seated perfectly. I checked numerous times. I'll have to have an investigation I think
  3. Right then guys. 2014 tit x estate with halogen headlights. Is there a way to adjust the height of the main beam without adjusting the dipped beam. My main beam actually aims upwards
  4. Shame really as it would be good to just drop them a crack or so
  5. I can drop/raise the windows all the way using the key fob but is there a way to only partly drop them
  6. Hi guys hoping someone could enlighten me with various noises i hear on the car 1. Rear door behind driver clunks. Once it has been opened and hit the stops upon closing it makes the clunk. It only does this once in a sequence of opening/closing and won't do it again until several hours have past 2. Load deep sqweek type noise happens every so often once I've stopped, and started to reverse. It sounds like the pads are very lightly binding on the disks. 3. Parkibg sensor volume. Anyway to increase this? Any thoughts on the above very much appreciated
  7. Have you tried pulling the fuse. My DAB wasn't working earlier so pulled fuse f43 in the bonnet, waited for 5 minutes, replaced fuse and now it works fine
  8. Cheers guys. Just heard horror stories about really poor ones. Haven't had chance yet to get on dark country roads
  9. Hi, mine is the Mk4. Does that mean that the reflector may actually be ok?
  10. Hi all New here, and new to ford as an owner. Obviously mixed reviews but thought I'd get away from German and try out the blue oval. Anyway collecting a 2014 Mondeo estate on Saturday and I know it comes with reflector headlights and that typically these are pretty poor, so I'm wanting to swap these units out for something better and road legal. Are the projector style units a direct swap with no wiring alterations?
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