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  1. Maybe worth checking earth straps as sometimes you can get odd faults like that...I had an escort years ago, every time you pressed the brake all the rear lights would flash like a disco...it was a bad earth. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Trevor, Yeah that sounds about right too. Maybe have a good poke about at both gearbox and gear selector ends of those cables.
  3. Could it be....the gear cables that connect the gearstick to the gearbox either not adjusted or stretched a little and needing re adjusted.
  4. Thanks for your replies I already have a new flexibility pipe...the problem is getting at it and any join would be right on a u bend as it comes off the cat...it would have no room to join or form a seal on such a bend. Looking like taking the whole manifold and cat off and doing it on the bench...crazy Ford design also ARB bush design where whole subframe needs dropped then re aligned...did the design team go on holiday and leave it to the office junior I wonder. Thanks guys
  5. The whole of my exhaust is new from the flexi back...I cut the flexi off the centre section to allow fitting of everything back from it...I now just need to get at the bolts on the flange as it comes off the cat which on my car comes straight off the manifold...the bolts seem to be angled too far towards the bulkhead to get a socket on them, and too deep in amongst the subframe to get at from below. The only way I have thought of is to take the manifold/cat unit off then release the bolts on a bench where I can get full access. I am expecting a bad job to get the manifold/cat released though as all the bolts look a bit corroded around the heat shield area. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hey Guys, Had another look at this job... the only way that I can see to get at this join is to take the manifold off and get to the join off the car. The Fusion seems to have a couple of hard to get at parts...the anti roll bar bush needing the subframe dropped to get at is also not Ford's finest design...more will follow when I have time off work to look at stripping it down.
  7. Hi Guys after much work needed for my MOT Inc brake and fuel lines, all brakes, front wishbone drop links and track rods I need to replace the flexi pipe as well...it has passed the test but advisory..slight blow...it looks very hard to get at and the nuts don't look good anyway...is there a guide or has anyone done this job before...I'm thinking whole manifold off..but the heat shield looks hard to remove too with seized bolts...any advice would be appreciated. P.s. it's a 02 Fusion 1.6 petrol
  8. Think it's classed as B pillar trim
  9. Hi there I have to replace the plastic trim that's on the front and rear doors in between the window glass. It's the shiny black plastic bits between the Windows. Has anyone ever done this job before and could help with fixing locations please. Car is a 2018 kuga titanium Thanks in advance Chris.
  10. I had a focus that needed a new key as the old one was worn out. I zip tied the old key under the ignition barrel to sort the coding out and then got a New key made for pennies...all new keys now don't need programmed and cost pennies.
  11. They normally do stay on..they are also used to charge things and power aux items when the car is off. Try fitting a switch inline with the negative side and that would cut the power...though if your not in the car..what does it matter if it's powered up or not.
  12. Not sure about body parts...but some engine or running gear..brakes etc. might do.
  13. As a first start I would try the car battery, as they can just fail these days. Also check wires to the starter motor in case of a bad connection. Hope this helps P.S. I think most of the YouTube offerings will be the U.S. Fusion which is more like our Mondeo size.
  14. Hi, I have recently had the same problem. Check if your car is fitted with two Lambda sensors, bank 1 is upstream so will be located up in the exhaust manifold as it comes off the engine block. The bank 2 downstream sensor is located on the exhaust downpipe after the cat. Otherwise the wiring could be damaged.
  15. Might also be worth having a good poke around by the flexi joint that is obscured by the front sub frame.
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