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  1. Hi all thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help me! I have an 04 1.4 Fiesta, a few weeks ago i noticed a petrol leak and the garage has advised that its coming from a petrol overflow/breather pipe. There is a pipe that takes any excess fuel when the tank is full and this has a slight crack in it and has resulted in the leak. The pipe is connected to the tank via a rubber pipe near the petrol tank. The garage has contacted Ford who has advised the part has been discontinued, I have tried scap yards but i have had not joy in finding a replacement. I am not sure if I am asking for the right item (Petrol overflow pipe) and if this has resulted in me not getting any responses. What is the mechancal name of this part? Does any body know were i could source one? any help of advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi All Wondering if anyone can offer help or advice :) I have an 03 Fiesta 1.4 Ztec i notice a strange rattling when driving and looking underneath there is a piece of metal sliding loose on the drive shaft (drivers side) I think this is the drive shaft bearing heat shield but i cannot find the item any were online or a bearing with the heat shield. Is the shield needed? or can it just be removed, were would i find one? I tried to take some pics but none turned out that were viewable, but the below vid on you tube at 0:45 the guy points to the exact piece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8aTkExr9OE Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks