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  1. I have seen around several DIY cam-belt projects from non car mechanics and my 80k+ baby is coming up to a cam-belt change so I am interested in what people have to say basically. You could say that I am as far from a car mechanic as you get but this being my first car, Im really interested in doing the job myself in the summer. I have some reference posts for guidance on how to do things but otherwise I was wondering if some people could give me a general starting point on constructing this plan. From a little reading, I see that one of the largest tasks is removing the crankbolt! Considering I have, quite literally, no tools or experience in using a wrench, I would be interested to see what people think of me taking on such a task. Im happy to put in the time reading as I procrastinate enough o be quite honest... Most importantly, one of the main reasons I want to undertake this project is my distrust of mechanics... The idea of leaving my car with someone I don't know for a day chills me to the bone!