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  1. Thanks for confirming. Will try to tinker with it and carry out more testing. So it records for an extra hour when ignition is off and car is locked
  2. Hi, I have just come to notice that my dashcam in my car is always running for at least an hour after I have left the car. It is connected to the cigarette lighter port? Is this normal
  3. Hi Looking for some advice as my ford fiesta car will come with 16" allow wheels but I will need some wheel covers to keep them protected. Will these fit over the existing allows as their genuine ford Would greatly appreciate some advice
  4. Thanks to both of you for your responses. I will definitely be getting a Faraday bag to be on the safe side and routinely test it within the car to ensure its keeping me protected. Ford will be offering an upgrade via dealer soon for their new sleeping key-fobs - Would like to know the price but think its pointless because if you have the key in your pocket your still moving to its still active to capture.
  5. Hi I have just purchased a 2017 Ford Fiesta Titanium (New Shape) 67 plate version with keyless start (not fully keyless). Is my keyfob still susceptible to relay attack as I still have to press the unlock button on remote to unlock/lock doors to gain entry? If a intruder does capture the signal from my keyfob he will only be able to start the engine and not unlock the doors? Please can someone clarify would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Thanks for confirming, Does the engine shake whilst idle when you open the bonnet
  7. Thanks for confirming... Also does your engine shake/vibrate when you lift the bonnet... and if so has it always done that since you first bought it new
  8. Hi Guys, Looking to buy a 2017/2018 Ford Fiesta with the 1.0 ecoboost engine I am aware that their was a recall on the 2014/15 models due to the quality of the coolant hose. Have their been any reported issues with the newer engines (engine problems / failures)
  9. its not majorly distorting the windscreen but it is driving me mad. I suppose smashing in the windscreen is an option but do I claim through car insurance or my car recovery service
  10. I have pressed my thumb on the interior of the windscreen and can see the contamination is on the outside part of the glass The strange thing is when the glass is wet it's unnoticeable and I clean the glass and it appears to be gone. I feel the windscreen does have thousands of micro etches that become noticeable when dust comes trapped within them. I am totally lost on this one. I will try to take a photo
  11. I don't believe its tree sap as I have used acetone and a glass razor blade without any luck. I have tried to take a picture of it but as its so faint no idea if it will get picked up by the camera
  12. Dont think so! 😑 If that was the case the car paint would have had black specs all over it. I have also noticed it on the interior rear view mirror. When the glass is wet you cannot notice it and is only noticeable when it completely drys - perplexed
  13. I have come to notice thousands of tiny specks on my windscreen which I cannot seem to remove (even with claybar, glass cleaner and acetone). I have also tried to clean interior and exterior of the glass without much luck. It's like when they washed my car after service they used a dirty cloth which was contaminated with a substance. I've never really noticed it before but ever since I got my car serviced its been noticeable. I can also see the tiny specs on the chrome trimming and although not noticeable on my white car paint which feels rough.