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  1. Get your money back whilst you can. And Google ecoboost nightmare and have a read.
  2. Might not have the spec but the engines don't melt enmass like the ecoboost. A Tuk Tuk would be more reliable than an ecoboost, spent years in Tuk Tuks, never seen one break down yet.
  3. I can't see how it can be head gasket again when coolant level isn't dropping.
  4. Travel down motorway most days, 30 miles and back. Checked oil and water again this morning, nothings moved so it's not losing oil or water. Back b4 it got cold I noticed drips from exhaust, thought it was petrol but didn't smell so assume it was water, terrified head had gone again but not lost any coolant. Doesn't smoke in startup, just when engines up to temp and it's white, IE steam rather than smoke. I'm gonna trade it for something oriental.
  5. No smell, no coolant or oil loss. I've been googling, ecoboost run hotter than most if Google is to be believed and a lot of reports of steam being blown out in the cold., However I'm not convinced mine is normal. Yet another trip to the garage I think. Whatever happened to ford motors? I had a focus some time back, a 54 I think and it never missed a beat for years, literally nothing but this piece of crap is horrendous, its low milage full dealer history and it breaks if you look at it. Oh and for good measure been getting the stearing malfunction warning coming on intermi
  6. So I had my head gasket done 1500 miles ago, coolant and oil level hasn't moved at all, however I'm smoking like a chimney. I'm expecting it on cold start up however, when up to temp it's still smoking, sat at lights it's like a disco smoke machine and accelerating a big cloud. White smoke/steam, doesn't seem to smell, coolant level hasn't moved a drop should I be worried?
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. its late and it’s niot sinking in, I’ll reread this tomorrow, but does it affect 2011 models? im seriously rueing the day I went for a focus over a golf, and even more that I traded a Honda Jazz that never missed a beat in the 3 years I had it.
  8. Don’t suppose anyone knows a 24 hour mobile mechanic in the nottingham area?? im shafted as I need to be in Leics for 6am.
  9. To compound this the cap has got stuck in tank, half of it came off the plunger half stayed in, so got an empty tank and top it up, and on closer inspection the top hose which is out has snapped off in the tank, so an unable to refit it even if I could get water in the tank
  10. I have had this car less than a month and have started getting engine malfunction service now message which I believe I have now sorted,(split pipe).however noticed today when perusing the engine low coolant and oily watery stuff all over top of engine, top hose was disconnected and tank empty. it wasn’t before it went in garage for the split pipe, how much damage could have been caused running it like this? I’ve blasted down the motorway one junction 3 times to see if the original fault reoccurred, it didn’t. So rant it about 20 miles at around 70mph and 5-10 miles around town with the
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