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  1. Okay that does sound a bit more involved and pricey... I'll exhaust all my cheap options before I try to replace that whole thing, although I haven't actually checked the price yet...
  2. Okay, I have it a go, sprayed some electrical switch cleaner in the gaps between the buttons but no luck. Is the next logical step to replace the switch cluster? If so, how hard is it to do? Not overly confident with rewiring my car but if it's a plug and play sort of thing, I could handle it.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the advice! I'll give it a go!
  4. Hi, So when I first got my fiesta, the cruise control worked flawlessly. However now it won't even turn on 70% of the time, it only works occasionally now and even shuts off after a short time. I press the "On" button and the "Set +" button as I always have, but nothing happens. Also sometimes the "Set +" and "Set -" buttons seem to reverse themselves. I imagine it's caused by some sort of switch issue but I have tried pushing the buttons hard or softly but neither work. If anyone has any ideas, please do share since it makes longer drives much more enjoyable!
  5. Hi, So I made a thread about this a while ago, and got some good suggestions but I now have more information. I can turn on my heating or air conditioning and it will work fine for anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes but then there's a clunk sound from inside the dash and the air conditioning becomes hot air. It often happens as I accelerate but not always. Heating is similar where it'll just decide to go cold after a while. With the hot weather the UK's been having recently, no A/C isn't much fun so I'd like to get this sorted if possible! Thanks!
  6. So I came back to my car and my heater still isn't working, hoped it might've sorted itself out but nope. The coolant is easily high enough (just below max) so that's not it. Going away again soon so don't particularly want to start poking round in the dash but I've got a feeling it'll be the potentiometer/flap so that'll be a pain.
  7. Hi, Sorry I've been away from my car for a little while, I'll be reunited next weekend and I'll have a look at everything. I thought they meant engine temperature gauge like you get on a lot of cars, the display on the heating system control goes all the way from Lo to Hi so I don't think it's stuck on cold. Is there an easy way to check this without ripping half the dash off? The car is by a long way the most expensive thing I own so I want to be careful. Thanks!
  8. It's a petrol 1.4L, no temperature gauge unfortunately, I'll have a look at the coolant level
  9. Hi, My heater's air doesn't get warm at all, it just sits there blowing cold air at me in winter. Read something about it possibly being radiator/heater matrix related but I don't really have a clue what's going on with those. It's a titanium spec so has the "digital" climate control. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. It turns out a small clip had come undone and the thing had slipped back, just took of the panel and clipped it back on.
  11. Hi again, I've now realised I can't stream Bluetooth music so went to use the aux port to find it almost missing, there's the hole where it should be and the stereo says line in active when I press the button. Attached is a photo Thanks
  12. That's strange, in one of the documents that came with the car from the factory I have screenshotted
  13. Hi, So I bought a new to me 58 plate fiesta and have connected my phone to the Bluetooth, that's fine for making calls but I can't seem to play music. The manual said press the Aux button a few times to change to Bluetooth but I've tried this and it doesn't change from the "Line in active" screen. I've seen videos of it working but for me it won't? Thanks