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  1. Its from a very similar location but its almost like something is continuously switching on and off like a tick. Thats my next thought but I wanted to exhaust all other alternatives first. Seems like alot of people had a similar issue fixed with a software fix but it didn't seem to work for me unless I did something wrong.
  2. Thanks for your input everyone. I rarely turn the radio off so its always on when I turm the car back on. I installed the latest SW from Ford site (V5.11 I think it was) but didn't seem to make a difference, battery was still draining. Only issue was that I don't think my car created a log file on my USB stick as it is meant to do, so don't know if that means the update wasn't completed?
  3. Tried the above suggestion, didn't seem to work 😕
  4. Cheers for that but out of interest any idea why the ignition may nit be turning off the stereo?
  5. Hi all, My battery has died quite a few times since I bought it in 2018, if I dont drive it for more than a 10-14 days but I never bothered to do anything about it because service checks have shown that battery is OK. Due to the recent situation I've not been driving it as much so have noticed this more commonly but it seems now even if I only leave it for 3-4 days it runs out of charge. I did a paristic drain test to see where the majority of the drain was coming from and found it to relate to fuses F21-24 which all relate to the audio unit /instrument cluster (F21 in particular) - drawing about 0.65A. F21 is the Audio Control Module so it seems an issue relating to the Audio unit. I can hear that there is a ticking noise from the audio area that comes and goes every 10 mins or so, so it seems like something is staying on. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance. David
  6. What is forscan and how do I use it?
  7. Ahh thanks. My car doesn't have it then (less global/auto closing) 😞 Although it does say less Bluetooth and less cig lighter which I have both of...?
  8. Hi, I have a 2014 Fiesta and was wondering if there is anyway to know if you have Global Opening/Closing or how to get it? I have reset the windows (one touch up/down) as instructed in the manual. I read online that all cars after March 2014 should have it - mine was built in late 2014. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your responses. Weird, I've done a few searches on other fiesta forums and other people have said they have the issue too. Some responses saying it's normal and others not. I Iust admit I have recently had my ears cleared out because they were blocked with wax so that might be why I am sensitive to the noise. 😂 What exactly is the noise suggesting is wrong? Is it a hard job to change the pump? Does sound like an electrical noise. Will speak to the garage on Monday.
  10. Okay, thank you it's not overly loud but is noticeable when still. Should you be able to hear it in normal conditions?
  11. Hello I just bought a '14 plate Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost, with 25k miles done. I have noticed when the engine is idling I can hear a whirring/buzzing noise at the back of my car and I'm not entirely sure if this is okay/normal or what it is. It is louder when I am outside at the back of my car than when I am inside but it is still very noticeable inside. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance.