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  1. Evening all, I have a 2017 1.5 zetec ecoboost. Will be travelling to France shortly and am trying to find out what I need to do with the headlamps - just stick beam deflectors on or whether the car does anything fancy, the internet (and manual) seems a bit bare 😞 I can see a hex head on the headlight unit (photo attached), don't know if this does anything or is relevant. Is anyone able to guide me? Thanks!
  2. Turned out you were right! Most of the wires broken 😞 All fixed now 😄
  3. Hi everyone, Wondering if you could help... We have a 2011 KA Zetec, for a while the rear wiper hasn't been self parking, while annoying hasn't been too much of a problem. But now it will only move say 5deg out of the full ~160 degrees of its movement each time I turn it on at the stalk. So to do a full wipe means switching it off and on, off and on etc. My thoughts were a relay fault(?) but there doesn't seem to be a wiper relay in the engine bay. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks