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  1. ignition charging key?

    heard this thing about vans where it charges the key (for remote locking) in the ignition. will fiestas have it too?
  2. Regular unleaded, or Super unleaded?

    ok so 1 in every 4 refueling or is it not worth even that
  3. is super unleaded better for my engine and shall I choose the V power or super unleaded? ..... or just sod it and continue using unleaded.
  4. mk7 Fog Lights...

    It makes sense the reason why they only have one light (on the offside) is if there was one on each side and the offside happen to blow then the near side could give false potencies to oncoming traffic behind you, with just the near side glowing it would look like there was a bike there and not a car as it would be inclined to the left making you think the rest of the lane was free to overtake I guess a near side fog light is more dangerous than driving without fog lights at all
  5. Streaming Bluetooth MP3 Help

    Hi, I think I read that you cannot stream MP3 music from your bluetooth device unless you have the USB connection installed in the car, I have bluetooth and can stream voice calls, but it doesnt work with MP3 streaming. Can someone confirm that this feature is disabled for non-usb cars, also is it possible for me to take it somewhere (say the ford garage) to get it streaming mp3s Thanks
  6. Footwell Lights

    i fancy blue myself
  7. Podcasts and Interior Lighting

    also if you dont want to start the engine you can press the door-lock button on the dash the lights will fade - i love this feature :)
  8. Replacement Stereo

    marry me!
  9. Dimming - menu

  10. mk7 exhaust advice

    call me sad but i cant see the point in the noisy drain pipe exhausts. the way i see it is the people who are interested in fast cars know its just a stupid exhaust making the 'grunt' noise, other people who aren't interested in fast cars and boy racers just find it annoying so whats the point!
  11. Question for new Fiesta owners

    i have a new fiesta and the diagnostic tool (where you press and hold the reset button) doesnt work. they've obviously changed the way you enter it
  12. Question for new Fiesta owners

    try using the manual lock on the dash
  13. Question for new Fiesta owners

    here you go: http://reviews.ebay.co.uk/Unlock-Ford-Dash...000000005697837 :P
  14. Bluetooth Ford Audio

    Hello. I use my ford audio to stream calls but is it possible to get it to pick up the streaming audio from my mobile or ipod. I know I had to pay to get this feature, which is only available if you have the USB connection. Sorry for the dumb question, I presume it will be the software in the 'computer' that prevents audio streaming, or maybe it needs a secret code or combination to activate. If not, will ford still enable the feature if I asked? Thanks v much.
  15. Air Conditioner Issue

    thanks! why does it do it is it some kind of manufacturer fault