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  1. So i cheched The pigtail. Seems that i already have: pin 8 pluged in. I’m missing The pins: nr 5 en 6. So what do i need to do know? Seems like i don’t Have The wirring from The bcm to The relay? Or do i need The wirring from The relay to The foglights? Or do i need to make them both by myself? Bam to The Relay and to The foglights?
  2. Well i looked underneath the front bumper, and i couldn't find any wirring. I'll check today if pin 8 in the switch is there, but i guess it is not, cause i didn't had the wirring for: cruise control or the footwell lights.
  3. Wait i don't understand it? So the grey/violet goes form the BCM to the switch pin 8 ? And wich one pin goes back to the bcm? And wich wirring goes to the relay? Cause what i head in mind was to bypass the BCM. I had in mind to install it like: - Power supply ( i'm going to tap a fuse 12v) --> to the original switch--> a line (positive line) with a 15 amp fuse between it --> h11 bolt (postive side) and for the ground just go back tot he frame. But i need to know if its possible? When i use the orginal switch and pin. But how i read it
  4. Hi guys, Little quistion, does anybody know where i can find a pinout schedule for the pigtail of de lighting switch? so that i know wich pin is for what. I want to retro fit foglights in my fiesta trend 2009(mk7) , but i don't have the wirring.(already installed, footwell lights, CC and PDC in the back) no Problem, i can wirred it up my self, but i want to use the original switch. So i need the to know wich pins are for the front foglights. Anybody a idea where i can find this?
  5. Hello guys, can Some help me with This. I have a fiesta mk7 from 2009. I guess its a trend Cause its pretty a basic things On it. I had to build in my: Bluetooth, and i’m Now Working on cruise control. But i’m Also trying to retrofit parking aid sensors in The back. But here is The problem: i bought This set: https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/upload/parts/100378/7781010/large/0.jpg now the PDC/Parking aid module Has 3 fittings, one for The sensors, one for The speaker and The last one going into The wirring harness. Now i kn
  6. Its fairly easy. - fix a module with mini usb. Check The serial or The text On it. It should say: with bluethoot and usb. - Disconnect old module and replace new one - If h want usb as Well, order a oem cable at The dealer(mine was €50), The right usb cover and adapter( If u want i can give u The finis code/ order number) - Find Some one that knows how to work with forscan. - in forscan Go to CC/IPC select The option: with usb and with bluethoot function - update firmware for your radio(see yt for download links) and Ur all set to Go. Took
  7. Hi Guy’s, so my friend wrecked his fiesta from 2013.and is going to The scrapyard. But he said If i want anything i can take it off. So The question is: he had a verry Nice dashboard/dails. The blue one(mk7,5) . And i have The red one. (Mk7) Is it possible to swap those out? Cause i guess The hardware Will fit. But what do i need to do about The software? Do i need to Reprogram The dash unit with forscan? So Yeah how do i do it? Or could i Just backup my old bcm and IPC and write it On The new dash?
  8. And where can i locate that?
  9. Hi Guy’s, i have a fiesta mk7, but its verry basic. (Didn’t even got The option to stream audio True Bluetooth) so i fixed that, but know i really want The elect. Fold mirrors and one touch Windows. For The mirrors i already got Some new door modules (pdm and ddm) and wirring harnes and buttons. Now i only need to back up my door modules and write them On The news one. Here is The quistion, how do i install one touch Windows? I supose that de door module Will have This option Cause they came from a fiesta st 2015. But how do i enable that func
  10. Hi Guy’s, my name is Tommie and I’m from The netherlands. I drive a fiesta mk7 from 2009. It’s my first Ford, had quit a Good experince with it inside my family and friends. On The Daily i’m a male nurse and use This car also as my work car.
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