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  1. Hello again. I'm still in a search for solution. I came across this cable: https://www.carsystems.eu/bluetooth-wiring-a2dp-plug-play-2-5m,id1686.html It's for VW. But it seems like it's just alike for ford. Is there anyone who would know if this is compatible with SONY unit and bluetooth module? Thanks
  2. I have the SONY radio in a car. The one like this. And also a wire to the microphone on the ceiling, but no mic installed. That confuses me, why would there be wire for mic, if it's not possible to connect the module, to work with mic for BT communication.
  3. I know that bluetooth module is separate, and it's fitted behind the glovebox. As I mentioned I don't have it installed. I want to buy and install one. My main question is, if someone can tell, if I have preinstalled proper wiring in car from pictures and video above.
  4. Hello all, I am new here and I own a Focus mk2.5 2011. I don't have Bluetooth nor USB connection in a car. I've been desperately searching to fit at least USB connection. I don't want the FM transmitter. So I searched for modules on ebay.com, but didn't order anything yet. I remove the glove-box and look for the cable, to connect module to, but I didn't find it. I have cable on the ceiling, for mic, but no mic instead. I want to know if it's possible that cable is so well hidden or i just don't have it. I am posting pictures and video so you get the picture what I have. Please help, because I am looking for solution a few months now. I also browse through this forum and read a lot of topics, but didn't find answer for my problem. Ceiling cables. I assume that right one is for mic, don't know what is left one? https://imgur.com/a/nb0jZdl Behind glove-box: https://imgur.com/2STenjT Blurred connector is AUX, what is focused one? https://imgur.com/040Qqud Video of behind the glove-box https://streamable.com/vvq5d I hope someone will know if there is a place I didn't look for the cable.
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