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  1. Surprised at that, then again they missed a broken coil spring on my Renault Trafic, did inform them of this error on retest for other issues. Let's be honest, we need to be safe.
  2. Phew, glad you sorted, must have been worrying.
  3. I never trust just the handbrake on hills, always leave mine in gear as well.
  4. Love the car, did you get an advisory on the exhaust, it looks like it was a hell of a mess.
  5. Where's the 'clap' emoji?
  6. There are some very clever bods on here mate, just hope one of them reads your post and offers you some good advice, personally i'd try to get in touch with some sort of ombudsman, there has to be a higher authority than just a main dealer. Good luck anyway.
  7. Lightbulb moment, missus's 60 th in June, cheers.
  8. Good to know that it's not the end of the world when you can't find your code, i'm bound to be asked for it in the not too distant future. I'm hoping it's on the main unit but not prepared to remove till absolutely necessary. Edit: We need to sort the stiff handbrake now, any suggestions? Gym?
  9. Thought i'd praps stumbled on the politics thread.
  10. I'd consider immersing the whole wheel in a deep enough tub of water to see if that gives any clues.
  11. My Fusion needed a bang in the general area of the offending lack of illumination to make it light up, another of the many reasons i got rid and traded it for a Focus. Petty, I know, but the build quality on the Fusion was sh... appalling.
  12. I have this buzzin sound all the time, was getting really fed up with it, turns out I've got tinitus.
  13. Funnily enough my Renault Trafic van hazards failed to work today, thought it might be a fuse or relay issue. Had a quick look online and it was suggested i sprayed WD40 into the gaps around the hazard button, couple of squirts and on/off switching, the hazards are up and running again, not saying this will work but may be worth a try.