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  1. Went up Snowdon on the train in the mid to late 60's, think it cost 12s/6d (67.5p) back then, without looking i'd reckon it would be £25-£30 nowadays. Fantastic day out tho.
  2. Is there such a thing as a tv repair shop nowadays?
  3. Must be honest, i prefer to listen to Radio Two mostly..
  4. Pleased you've had no serious issues, and very wise of you to 'get it in early '..
  5. 8 track is brill, you can jump from one track to another with a push of a button.
  6. Failing that, carefully remove and save the door card off the scrapper, remove parts needed, then, if you damage your own door card you could replace it with the salvaged door card, simples..
  7. mozz


    Years ago, i knew a girl who thought the choke knob was to be pulled out to hang her handbag on. Just saying..
  8. Looks like my Renault has just about 'run in' then..
  9. I may well have to ask for photographic evidence of some claims...
  10. Forgot to add my Renault is 2004.
  11. you own/have owned?.. My Renault Trafic van has 163,295 miles on the clock and still going strong..
  12. That's a disgrace, not good at all.
  13. Shouldn't worry about it too much, there will be a hosepipe ban soon anyway, as per..
  14. Bit of a mystery to me this, but just thought i'd mention it. Handbrake normally pulls about 4 clicks fully on, this morning it travelled a lot further, maybe 7or 8 clicks. I was driving along thinking this needs looking at. When i next needed handbrake it was back to 4 clicks and felt 'normal' again and has been since then. Strange that it pulled so far just that once? Any input would be appreciated.