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  1. Pull yerself together man..
  2. I'm now following this thread with interest, keep it up guys, who knows, i may sort my van out..
  3. Similar, normally when my mate opens passenger side door to get in, radio packs up, it comes back on after opening and closing again, seems to work ok when driving around tho, hence the reason I've not got round to sorting it.
  4. Damaged trapped wire, well that's what it is in my van. I really should sort it.
  5. My missus sends her love. (read your earlier post, lol)
  6. I waved at you over the garden fence this morning @Lenny needless to say you Ignored me. 😞
  7. It's easy stripping down motor's, it's putting them back together right that needs skill. My brother was let loose with a socket set and spanners in the early 70's, stripped down a perfectly running Bantam, needless to say it never ran properly again, ever.
  8. Tuna, cheese and onion, cheese and branston pickle, cheese and tomato, corned beef n pickle, egg mayo, thin cut beef, salmon, cheese salad. Combination of any of those should keep you nourished, oh, and crisps of course. Edit: keep up the good work 😉
  9. This 95 year old grandmother has fully recovered from covid19 according to reports from Italy. Hopefully light at end of the tunnel.
  10. All schools to close from friday, getting serious folks, stay strong.
  11. Aww bless Lula, x