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  1. I remember when there was a separate parking light you could 'trap' in the door window to conform to parking regs in that era, geez, i'm old..
  2. They are a bleeder to bleed, i do know that..
  3. A steam train sound would certainly wake me up! 😂
  4. Get the grandkids in the back going 'brum brummm'..
  5. Sounds very much like my abs module on my Renault Trafic is shot, symptoms being STOP light and abs light illuminating on dash, also speedo not working, plus lack of power, i'll keep you informed.
  6. Missus would leave me if i bought a 3 door anything, mainly because of access in an emergency, i tend to agree with her in that respect.
  7. mozz

    Armrests ?

    I remember my dads Moggie 1000 was 873 DNU.
  8. mozz

    Armrests ?

    Biggest bag of #### i ever paid good money for.. No, not a fan..
  9. mozz

    Armrests ?

    Them poxy rests on that poxy Fusion i had were neither use nor ornament. Waste of space, as was the car.
  10. They're all in lay bys reading forums.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone, hope Santa brings you them fluffy dice you always wanted..
  12. I'm no expert but I managed to 'secret stitch' a couple of burns with something as basic as a needle and cotton. You'd never spot 'em..
  13. I can't even motivate myself to hoover out Poppy's dog hair atm.
  14. When i turn the key, it starts, except for one day last week, when it didn't.
  15. I've just googled it. ULEZ = Ultra Low Emissions Zone. Big cities like London, i'd imagine.