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  1. Not sure where to post this and doesn't warrant a new thread. So for the craic i thought i'd try the flip key in the door instead of remotely opening it up to see if it works, unlocks the door ok, but i sat in her and she was bleeping at me, I sort of panicked a bit and quickly pressed the unlock on the remote key which put her back to normal. Just wondering what the procedure is for unlocking and driving is should the key battery dies.
  2. Silicon spray brings it up like new, needs doing regularly tho. On my works Trafic van i moisten a cloth in clean engine oil which has a similar effect.
  3. My fave was the Lotus Elan in the Avengers, or maybe it was Emma Peel in that leather cat-suit..
  4. I did wonder, tried it without success on my last car (Fusion), i just put up with it in the end.
  5. I'd try T-cut first, touch up will probably make it look worse.
  6. I just ain't gorra clue what you're all on about..
  7. With all this extra gear needed on a school run, it might pay you to get a tow-bar fitted and invest in a trailer.
  8. Would be nice to see more clearly where individual topics are, i didn’t know there was a 'General Chat' thread till now. Any chance of having a list of topics available on the homepage, it must be somewhere, but i can't find it.
  9. Remove the remaining screw from the number plate, place the number plate in windscreen somewhere near where the tax disc used to sit. Alternatively, Wes has the best solution.
  10. How 'gradual' is your halt?
  11. Glad to help, bumping topics is my speciality 😉
  12. These college apprenticeship courses can be really tough.
  13. If it's not getting inside the car i'd leave it well alone, sealing along the bottom could cause all kinds of drainage problems. In my industry (fitting Pvcu windows) the windows are designed with a drainage facility to allow any water ingress to drain to the outside. I've been to jobs where DIY enthusiasts have sealed these up with silicon or something from B&Q, and caused themselves a lot of unneeded problems.