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  1. My mate fitted led strips in my van and it lights up the whole street now!
  2. Try the old friend, WD40, preferably the brand with PTFE lubricant in it.
  3. First single i bought out of my own wages, still a classic. Anyway, knackered coil spring?
  4. I was wondering if it had cruise control, to see if it fluctuated then.
  5. My mechanic attempted to wind me up by 'fishing' a nearby drain with a magnetic pole the other day, what a hoot that was!
  6. Poppy was frit to death of the waves to start with, when she got used to them, we couldn't keep her out, loved it, in fact loved it so much that we had to make a detour to keep her away..
  7. It's like one of those contagious diseases we all worried about a few years ago. Bump start sounds the safest bet..
  8. Poppy's first visit to seaside, aged 7.
  9. Went up Snowdon on the train in the mid to late 60's, think it cost 12s/6d (67.5p) back then, without looking i'd reckon it would be £25-£30 nowadays. Fantastic day out tho.
  10. Is there such a thing as a tv repair shop nowadays?