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  1. Clutch Problem

    Hi Damien, If the car has a service history, and there is no evidence to support it has had the clutch replaced. It would be resonable to assume it is running on it's original clutch. And given it has covered148km [100k miles] and taking into account what you have described in your post, I reckon your looking at a new clutch mate. I would get it sorted at your convenience and not wait until it fails on the road. If you do take the car into a garage for a diagnosis let the forum know the outcome..........it helps build the knowlage base mate
  2. Car Accident Who Is At Fault?

    Got to agree. How I see it from the not so clear detail of street description. Two cars travelling in the same direction along a street [no doubt houses fronting both sides of the street, no centre road markings, and nodoubt tight right angled juctions onto ajoining streets. [not a problem when turning right, but could be a tight turn on turning left.] Given that the driver in front is intending to turn left into an ajoining street, she may have positioned her car towards the centre of the road to facilitate what could have been a tight left turn. Not to have done so, could have ment on the turn, her front end could have been well over the oncoming traffic side of the street she was attempting to turn into. If that was the case, and though I accept it is stated she did not indicate. If there was only a possability of a left turn ahead as against approaching say a cross roads. The fact she slowed down and altered her line of travel would indicate to me a left turn was a possibility. In cases like that, I would have hung back until tthe other drivers intended actions became clear. The driver behind was impatiant he wanted to put this slow moving car behind him, he made an assumption she was pulling over to the off side curb. Hence as he attempted to under take her, the collision took place and the damage supports that scenario. Just telling it how I see it, nothing personal to the original poster, sh*t happens. Had she signaled we would not be here discussing a collision. Having held a clean licence for over fifty years, the one thing you learn in that time is to give the car in front plenty of space, the fact somebody is behind the wheel, their competence and or consideration of other road users is an unknown quantity. Many years ago an old retired banker and his wife used to come to our pub for dinner time lunches, was he a crap driver ! He used to stall the his car on the speed ramp at the entrance to the car park. I used to ask him how was the drive over, John,he would reply.... "All the sons of bit@hes were out today" I used to invisage the mayhem he was nodoubt responsible for taking place in his review mirror.
  3. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Phil, I'm assuming the newer Mobius "grew in size" merely to accomodate the bigger battery, and that being the case I think it would be fair to again assume the lens are the same on both the older and newer Mobius.
  4. I agree Ian, He was not forcing his way onto the motorway, he gauged his entry perfectly, in that he was entering an empty inside lane at a speed faster than the Lorry already in the inside lane. It was the wagon driver at fault there, experiance should have taught him not to cut back into the inside lane if he is blind to the merging traffic expected to enter from a slip road. If I'm travelling in the inside lane on a motorway/ dual carriageway, on approaching a slip road merge point, I always move into lane two [if safe to do so] to make it easier for said merging traffice. Motorways like all roads are shared enviroments, it's not a case of I'm here first so you can "Pittle Off"
  5. Yes The BFD and ABS will still be active Darren, but the EPS element will be disabled, as for switching it off and going for a spin .....I'll pass on that thanks . Will defo switch it off if it starts squirming about in the snow, and see how it performs with it off. Like arthur sez, mine like his Mk2 Focus was rock solid in snow, no agressive acceleration and staying of the brakes obviouisly. That was on Goodyear Optigrips all round, must say when I bought it, it was sporting Italian Marangoni rubbish and they were crap in snow. So when they got down to 3mm of tread I got shut of them. This Focus came with Mich Primacy on one axle and Goodyear Excellence on the other axle, decent tread on them.
  6. One time going down a slight inclined road [slow as it leads to our small drive, length and a half of the car] it as you discribed it "growled" But I would have discribed it as a vibrating rumble, so in that instance it was the ABS cutting in. Incidently, I pulled up on the slight down ward drive about 4ft from the patio doors, with two big pot planters filled with cyclimens in them, in turn sat on two large pot water trays [in other words heavy beggers] I gets out, wife goes to get out of the car, one foot on the drive and one still in the passenger footwell ...............and the Focus just slide into the planters. I thought sh"t thats the grill and or possibly the bumper stuffed. As luck would have it there was no damage done. The planters might have slid a bit on their round water trays possibly. But I reckon it there had not been planters there it would have stuffed into the hard wood frame of the patio doors dead centre where the fixed Patio window frame sat.........now that woud have been damage indeed for the car I reckon, and possibly frame and double glazed panel damage. Now I put it into reverse gear when parking up for obvious reasons, and though I did not check if I had, I'm sure I had Monday. So the snow was obviously very slippy and the wife getting out iof the car [it being 72Kg lighter, it lost it's grip and just slid off down the drive] :D Darren, I had a look in the dash comp settings this morning, and as I thought you can disable EPS. Just keep flicking the lefthand stalk until you come to the Menu setting, enter and there is it EPS with a little tick box with an X in it. Untick that box and the EPS light comes on in the speedo dial. Click the back option and you get a warning message reminding you you have EPS disabled. So a five second job really to disable/ enable. Monday we go to a lesiure center swimming "up the Dales" We did the 10 mile drive, and on the journey it started to snow but not really heavy. But on getting there it started turning into white out conditions, we had just parked so waited for it to ease up, only being in gym kit. But it didn't so I said to the wife, we could come out of the lesiure complex in a couple of hours and we could be snowed in. Or have the car body work stoved in by little old ladies panicking to get their wee motors home. It seems the smaller the car these old dears have, the more room they need to work in. I they scrape something, instead of reversing out and surveying what the problem is, they just plough on in a panic....................Anyway thats when I decided to reverse out and go home. Bloke I was talking to in the changing rooms today, said it was possibly a good decision as there where a few accidents on the roads there abouts. I reckon it could possibly have been snow falling on none gritted roads, or the wrong type of snow as British Rail use to say regarding leaves on the tracks.
  7. Right my 05 Mk2 Focus no ESP and not a problem on new snow light covering roads. But today was my first experiance on snow in my 11 plate Mk2.5 with ESP. Now I dont drive on my brakes, I use my gears to control speed and avoid nigh on at all costs braking in snow conditions. Well first squirming about I had was when a white van decided to abort a steep hill climb mid way up the hill and do a U turn at a junction. So I had to stop whilst it did the U turn, goes to gently set off and it was all over the place. Again stopped to let a bus out of a junction in town, and again ESP light flashing and car squirming about, again after stopping behind the bus queuing to enter a roundabout, [silght gradient] vibrations coming from the ABS/ESP I guess. Up the High street a newish Mazda in front of the bus, well his back end was all over the place when attempting to move of in stationary traffic due to a Pelican Crossing.queue. I thought I bet he has ESP as well Now in theory I thought ESP was better in snow, but not my experiance today. Now I did not notice other drivers experiencing trouble with their cars squirming about which I would have expected if conditions where that bad. But then again I did not consider the conditions bad. 50 years of driving experience, so it ain't as if I don't now how to drive in snow conditions up and down the Yorkshire Dales as a Journeyman Electrician in my prime. I'm thinking of switching the ESP Off in snow to see how it behaves, Apart from the ESP it's the same engineered car as the Mk 2 I had for five years. Any observations from EPS owning Foci owners welcome.
  8. My New Mobius Dashcam

    hope it comes quicker than my replacement battery did but least ways you can still run on the faulty one, bet your liking it :)
  9. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Phil and Ian, It's an easy job replacing a lense, I had one of mine out when I was seeing how easy or not easy it would be to fit it in the rain sensor cover. With the body of the camera placed behind the rear view mirror, but discounted the idea in the end. I reckon you are both within your rights to it being sorted under warranty. Now if you ask for the camera's replacing, the sellers would most likely require you to send them back, and if thats China.................. They are more than likely to be happy sending you a replacement lense, little cost to them, less hassle and expense to you. Besides better than crap reviews being made regards their product and or service. Keep us posted in regard to what you end up doing and how you get on. Edit: Phil if your Mobius looks like Kurts photos of his in post #517 then you have the standard lense. If it differs in that the lense on yours has a collar about 5mm making it stick out past the body of the camera, then it's a wide angle lense. For your info I have my wide angled Mobius, not set at the wide setting but at the standared setting. Though the standared setting on the wide angle lense is still wider then the Standard lense version, but not by very much. If you query why I set it up that way, read my later posts I posted on this thread last year.
  10. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Phil, I can confirm 64GB Kingstons work in the Mobius I've had one in my front facing wide lense Mobius since August, with my original purchase of a Kingston 32GB in my rear facing standard lense Mobius, no problems with either. Initial problem I have had was my China Bangood supplied camera came with a faulty battery. They took my word for it [sent photos] and supplied me with a new battery but that took over a month to arrive. I'll be on the original smaller batteries, and the only problem I found with them was going on holiday for ten days. Come back from abroad popped them back in the car and they would not record. Next time I'm abroad and park at the airport I'll take a mains charger with me and charge them up prior to flying back. Incidently I've only taken the cameras out of the car the once, as outlined above. Off top of my head the 64GB was a class 10 Would feel naked [ if you get my drift] if I did not have cameras in the motor
  11. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Now't strange about it David, you had a faulty battery in the first Mobius. I'm still awaiting a warranty replacement battery for my B Lense Mobious [it's on it's way] I did not return the Mobius as I did not want to pay shipping to China. Plus I'd drilled two holes in the back of the Mobius, and filed out the rear of the carriage to allow it to be removed from it's carriage from the back as well as the front. Just in case I wanted to fit it up close to the windscreen, thus making front extraction from the carriage impossible. My B lense Mobius is running with no problems on the battery from my A lense Mobius, proving the point it was a battery issue and not a camera of charger issue. When the replacement battery comes, the A lense Mobius will be going in the back.
  12. Mother Chuffing Corsa!

    Jeez seeing the latter video of that idiot's driving, is a good argument for the case of "bringing back hanging" PM sent James, I go on Holiday and your up to your old tricks , all joking apart, glad your not seriously hurt mate
  13. What Do We All Work At

    At my age..................... I'm currently working on staying alive and upto press its working out pretty well
  14. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. You most likely know I'm running a two cam independently hard wired Mobius setup. First I bought the A lense Mobius from manufacture via eBay, coupled with a 32GB Kingston card. Been running that since 12th August with no issues. Firmware 1.7 shipped with, then upgraded to 2.10 , and now on the latest 2.18 it works on them all, so I reckon you can discount a problem with the firmware. Now not long after getting my second Mobius, B lense via Banggood, married to a 64GB Kingston I noticed it would revert to a date 01/01/2012 at times. On the day I set off on a touring holiday, it did not start recording at all, so I pulled up and swopped the A lense from the rear to the front windscreen. Got down to Wales charged the Mobius B lense on a mains charger, but was still having problems with it, in that you could not rely on it, date changes missed clips, would start on ignition or not in some cases. Anyaway long story shortish, during that two week trip I swopped the cams on to each others charging converter cables, swopped the min SD cards between cams. The only constants was the A lens cam worked flawlessly with whatever you married it to, and the B lense cam was unreliable on whatever it was married to. That said supprising thing was driving up home to North Yorkshire from Gloucester on the Saturday about 3.5 hours of driving, and a stop at the services, both cams worked with no problems.Got home updated firmware, no differance, on the Tuesday B lense cam recorded all the journey but the date stamp was wrong again as I found out when I checked it on the Thursday. Then I got a blue light followed by an altenate red light and so on, it would not button record or switch off and the only way to get the flashing lights to stop would be to reset the Mobius. Anyway on resetting it that last time I noticed it woud not charge on the mains charger, though the light on the mains charge was indicating it was fully charged when it was obvoius it was not charging nor was it charged at all. Have since been runnig the B lense Mobius on the A Mobius battery no problems. And today I tested the suspect battery and it initialy showed a voltage of 0.45 volt for a second or two then ZERO. The yellow film covering the soldered contacts came of the battery casing easily and the battery casing itself had the same look you get from near melted plastic ie: uneven surface, and the soldered contacts were both black. As against the A lense battery, its contacts where of a good clean silver appearance and I was unable to remove the film as it still had its adhesive qualities. Obviously the only conclusion I can draw from those facts is, due to low quality soldered joints the battery heated up and failed. The Mobius resetting to a date of 01/01/2012 is an indication that the battery is not charging and holding said charge as it should. Try recording a bit of video on a charged Mobius, then disconnect and reconnect the battery and record few seconds of video. The latter video will show 01/01/2012. Hope the above helps with your problem, I reckon its your battery though. I have sent an email to Banggood today, explaining the problem with supporting photo's and await a reply from them.