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  1. The dealership said at the time that there was no camera but I thought it was a mistake on his part(He was new) and the website stated otherwise. Like I said I have emailed their head office as I don't see how they can show old specs.
  2. Yeah I don't think it is good enough to be honest that they practically hide the latest brochure!
  3. Just looked and they have 2 pages which shows different things! I think the 2017 model has the camera but 2018 model hasn't. Not end of the world but Ford need to sort it out.
  4. Hi everyone, Picked my car up today, first time buying a new car and boy is she pretty! I soon realised that I have not got a rear view camera, The website states that the Titanium X has it and when I bought the car it had it on there. I seen a few people mention the cars model year but I bought brand new and they said it had been built just waiting to be delivered so surely they did not change the Titanium X spec between May/June and July? Any one got a Titanium X 17/18 plate and could help?
  5. Looks like Hastings also install on top of the battery but if they had to get an engineer out I am not sure.
  6. Who are you with? I am with Tesco and they install on top of the battery!
  7. Might be a cat 1/2 immobilizer then? It isn't an alarm.
  8. They rung me this morning actually(After trying to ring them countless times!) Said car will be in any day and I should get it by end of this week! I paid extra for a thatcham immobilizer as car theft is quite big round here, Do you know what Thatcham category it is?
  9. That doesn't sound good. Date of first Registration is not till tomorrow aswell.
  10. Hey guys, Ordered a car on the 2nd July which they said was awaiting to be shipped from factory. I received the V5C Document through the post on Tuesday with all the details, number plate etc. Having a hard time calling them at the moment due to the hours I work and wondered if any one could tell me how long after they received their documents when the car arrived? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Luckily I know someone who works at ford so they will look into it for me as the dealership aren't being helpful and the guy who I dealt with is now away.
  12. Hey everyone, First time buying a new car so sorry if its a stupid question! The dealership told me when I was buying the car that it was already built and just waiting to be shipped out to them(Main reason why I bought it as my car is dying!) I contacted them asking if I can have the VIN number but they said the system is saying it doesn't have one as it has not updated yet but as soon as it has they will email me. Is this normal? I see alot of people saying they receive a VIN number before their car is even built! If this is the case I will definitely be making a com
  13. Thanks for the responses! Yeah only 100hp on the automatic gearbox unfortunately otherwise I would of gone for the 140. I will keep an eye out on Mountune's website.
  14. Hi everyone, I've ordered a new Fiesta but in an automatic(All I can drive!) I wasn't sure if it is worth getting the engine remapped as I have heard people say the 100bhp is too slow. Any thoughts or more importantly has anyone done it to theirs? Thanks!
  15. Hey everyone, I bought my very first new car yesterday after alot of haggling. Got a Titanium X 5Dr Auto with rear parking sensors. They said it had already been built and was just waiting to be shipped so does anyone know average wait? They said by end of July but I don't have a VIN number.
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