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  1. Isn't that the normal behaviour from the smart charge system? My SMAX does the same. Enviado do meu M2007J20CG através do Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Gaz. Was the snap ring in fact. Was collapsed in the groove and dented when I removed the shaft. Could not find a new one on local parts store or in local Ford store. Ended by reusing same snap ring. Was enlarged after taking it out/in of the groove. It is holding now. :) The seal was showing some humidity but sealed again after a short ride. All good now. Enviado do meu M2007J20CG através do Tapatalk
  3. I replaced my engine mounts and at same time the lower suspension arms. For the suspension harms, circlip on right side disconnected. I set it in place after job finished but I noticed transmission oil after a few rides. I went to look and transmission had released again. What could be the problem? Poor quality engine mounting? Weakened circlip? Circlipe holds but not sure how much strength it needs to make. Could it be transmission arm too stretched? I used a jack to raise the arm for final torque. Was pulling out due to axial movement of the arm but how much play can a suspension arm take? Kind of lost, not sure where to start. Any idea? It is a ford escort 1.8TD 95
  4. Follow up on my case. Turbo was rebuilt with new wastegate valve and turbo core. Works like a charm now. No more codes uphill. I had tried everything including hoven cleaner on the hot side. :) Went for cleaning, also no go. Then went for specialist. The position sensor was bad so all valve was replaced. Better but codes still coming. Finally core was replaced. There was no noticeable play but was not turning completely free like the new core. After core replacement all was well finally.
  5. The APP dipped as I got the engine malfunction light and I raised the foot on instinct. I was uphill and allways in the 6th gear until I got the warning light. I raised my foot, changed to a lower gear and proceed in limited mode as I could not park in that spot of the highway. Adding a cleaner picture with the details you highlighted. 🙂
  6. Is it my impression or rail pressure is the first to go? Detail is not great as this was taken with a chinese odb2 elm bluethoot and torque app.
  7. Just to add that this problem started to appear after I got a failure in high pressure diesel pump. The garage replaced the pump, the camshaft, the rail sensor, flushed the diesel circuit and serviced(cleaned) the injectors. I pushed the car before that intervention and didnt had this problem. Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  8. My MIL and ESP light came back while driving hot (90°C) uphill in highway at 2100rpm (regen to start?). I managed to read dtc code with a cheap chnese wireless elm before stoping the engine. It reads P2263 - turbocharcher/supercharger boost system performance. Shall I look into the turbo? Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  9. I cleaned the earth points under the hood, cleaned dtc codes and after a ride I got the following: U0405 invalid data received from cruise control C1022 - right side steering wheel switch electronic internal failure 81128 steering wheel module mecanical failure. In the past, cruise control failed to activate, but now runs ok. I tried static regeneration with forscan and it ended successefull after 20 minutes, but there was no acceleration at all which I found strange. Reseting dtc and turning the steering I get immidiatly u0405 and c1022. Not sure if those could influence regeneration. I dont notice strange behaviour in the car except the MIL when running hot in highway for a long time. Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  10. Going to test mode I found following DTC in this order: C15100; C42268; C41568; C41668; C42068. Don't know if these comm problems may lead to failed regeneration. Have to check with Elm to see if anything else appears. Stability control light also lights on when regeneration fails.
  11. Replaced the plugs and engine works better but engine malfunction still appears at the time regeneration conditions are met. Can I trigger regeneration with forscan to check symptoms without going to highway? Enviado do meu Nokia 6.1 através do Tapatalk
  12. Hi, I have same sympthoms and checking dtc I get P0380 allways. Can bad glow plugs do this? Thanks, Jorge Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  13. Hi, I have this same problem. Checking with forscan I got P0380 Circuit A Glow plug. Can it be this the cause for my problem? Do I need to remove the glow plugs to check them, or can I test them through the wiring harness? They are in the back and need to take out egr to get to them. :) Thanks, Jorhe Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  14. I ended up using 10nm. It was a 4x8mm screw into the aluminium body of the oil filter housing. One of the bolts was kind of stripped but still holding. One of the seals for the oil ports which came with the kit was too large so I reused the old one. It is holding for now. Fingers crossed to not get leaks meanwhile. Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
  15. Ok. I will use torque from other brands. I saw about 20nm from Bently and Bmw for similar appliance. Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk
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