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  1. Hello Iantt. The wheel I Bought just before Christmas was Brand New. From a Salvage/Breakers in Birmingham. With correct continental tyre and everything. It was to replace my front offside. I just did a straight swap with the ignition off, checked and adjusted all tyre pressure. Switched on ignition no TPMS fault. Did a reset just for the sake of it then went for a drive. No issue at all. I just assumed it throw up a TPMS fault and I would have to relearn the valves.
  2. Evening All. Hoping someone may be able to Shed light on a issue I have on my MK7.5 2016 Titanium X. I recently bought a new 17inch alloy to replace a kerbed one on my Fiesta. Brand new complete with tire from a salvage yard in Birmingham. I expected to see a TPMS error as soon as I changed wheels or at least when i drove off on it. No TPMS error at all. As far as I am aware 2016 will have TPMS and not DDS. any ideas anyone as I still have 4 month ford warranty left. Many thanks. Picture is of the new wheel.
  3. Afternoon All. I have a 2016 Fiesta Titainium x. The original SD card is V6 which when I go into satnav info gives a part no of "F1BT-14D358-DC". Today I picked up the latest version from Bristol Street Ford for £81.90. This card came in a fancy dvd type box and is marked with the Bosch logo. when i inserted it into the MFD i was expecting an update of some sort... but none.. I went into the info screen and it gives the same part number. Any ideas. Thanks
  4. Evening all. I have just bought a 2016 Fiesta Titianium X. It has a V6 card installed. Can anyone tell me what the latest version is. I have seen V7 (Ford White Label) but I have also seen Bosch Sd Cards V8 MFD and MCA. Any help appreciated
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