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  1. Yeah. I changed it to see if that was the problem. But no. It does have a Lot of miles.over 150.000. 1.6 diesel. Any decent. Fault code readers. I got one. OBD 11. Streetwize . It Dosnt work on my car. Not compatible. Was cheap.
  2. Yeah. I changed it to see if that was the problem. But no.
  3. Can't make it that far to garage. I put new sensor on. Drove it. For 15 mins _& it's cut out 3 times. That's New fuel filter. New oil/filter. New battery. New maf sensor. Still no joy. Fitted it all at home.
  4. Now New maf sensor & its still cutting out. Any clues. ? HELP. 😰
  5. Managed to start it. Thats New oil/filter. New Fuel Filter. New Battery. Cleaned maf sensor & its still wanting to cut out. & Thats before driving off. 😰
  6. Put new Fuel Filter on. Been trying for 2 days. To pump fuel through to release air the air. No joy. Car wont start. Any other options ?
  7. Go back tomorrow for that.
  8. Well. I cleaned the MAF. It gave rev counter a small boost as it was running bit low. 2 mins down road it cut out on me Again. Went to garage to get battery checked. It was dead. They checked alternator etc. Thats Fine. Battery was £104 fitted. 2 mins down road. Cut out Again. I've never had so many problems with a car. Ever. First Ford ive had. & Itl be the Last.
  9. Or will a clean do it
  10. I unplugged the MAF & car was still running. New sensor i think 😎
  11. Its been running idle few days now. Cutting out.etc. if its not got idle valve. What could it be ?
  12. Were is this valve on 05 focus tdci diesel. ?
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