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  1. cheers m8, glass has dropped right down, belt clicks in with a bit of a push but seat belt alarm keeps going off...was thinking of splitting it...might be best way i think. thanks
  2. Hi all, had a break in recently and glass has got into the passenger seat belt receptor, any clues as how to remove receptor or can it be split to clean??????? thanks
  3. Hi all, Anyone fitted an after sales sat nav (not Tom Tom windscreen type) or android unit? I've got a 2014 2L AWD Zetec, and I'm looking at possible upgrades, I've heard going sync 1 to 2/3 is complete nightmare so after your guys thought on this thanks in advance Steve
  4. Hi all, Making a venture into the Kuga market, getting my first one this week 2014 2L Zetec AWD.