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  1. so a heads up im going to reject the car as im not going to let them hack at my car and then give me back ,,,,, its only a baby lol im gona wait for a new one next problem is will the dealer supply me a loan car whilst i wait ???? fingers crossed
  2. thanks mate...... so ford have said they would fix under warranty however they would have to take car to body shop reinstall the front bumper and take rear window out to repaint the rear quarter panel and sort out all the other bits. To be honest i think im going to reject the car and reorder one and check it before i take it becasue i paid for a new car, only problem now is the wait 6-9 months !!! thanks ford
  3. hi, just joined this forum to get a bit of insight on the new ford mustang 2018 gt. So i collected mine just over a week a go, this car has been a dream of mine ever since i was a kid , so as you can imagine was well excited to be picking up my dream car!!!!. Nothing really mattered on collection day as i just wanted to get in the car a drive it home, so i didnt really check anything in detail. Dont get me wrong the car is amazing and has alot of road presence , as soon as you start this car nothing else matters as it sounds mint. i went for the 5.0 gt with custom pack 2 and magneride in magnectic grey. So here where it goes wrong , got home from dealers and i noticed the plastic on back of steering wheel was over laping the airbag and the passenger side wing mirror wouldnt adjust enough so i could see the side of my car, i called up dealer next day and booked in. on wednesday handed car in and then about 2hrs later the dealer had fixed my wheel and then turned around and said the wing mirror is built like that as its body is based on a lhd car!?, ford has no fix for this!!!!!. How can ford make a car and not even make the wing mirror to a uk spec car?? this is very bizzare. this got me thinking so i looked at the car in detail. i paid over £45k for this car so i do expect that the build qualty and attention to detail is as good as any other ford car. So i found that this car didnt have any quality control checks when it has been built, if im honest my 2018 ford kuga it better build and has better quality materials which is half the price!!, i have attached pics below tell me what you think i should do because at this point im seriously thinking about rejecting the car under the 'sales of goods act 1979'. very disappointed that ford have done this to a car like this.