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  1. Hi Guys i have a 2015 zetec s (mk3.5) and id like to upgrade all my front bulbs to white units for a more modern look. Headlights low and high beam, fog lights Can anyone recommend what they use? Many thanks
  2. I too have been considering a bluefin map for my focus. It's a 1.0 ecoboost 125. Some info I've seen elsewhere suggests the bluefin maps don't like aftermarket air filters?! I have a K&N on mine and Love the way the engine responds and breathes better. has any one else heard if this is the case? Also does anyone know of a reputable bluefin dealer in South yorkshire? If not I'm gonna go visit my old go too guys at demon tweeks
  3. Well people here is my offering. Second hand from main dealer 28k miles 1.0 ecboost zetec s 125hp, it’s only been with me for a couple of months. Whoever she started life with was not big on regular maintenance. So far she’s had the following: K&N filter 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres set of NGK performance plugs Brembo front discs and pads (rears later) headlights have been upgraded to Bosch xzenon effect white bulbs interior and boot lights upgraded to white LEDs. front and rear S badges Next to be done are the rear brakes, oil and filter change and I need some scratches and scrapes done (probably get the calipers painted and the car ceramic coated at this point) and as of yesterday an alloy wheel refurbished 🤬, eventually I’m considering a bluefin map (anyone got any opinions on these) let me know your thoughts?! What colour would everyone paint the calipers?
  4. Evening all, having spent the last 2 hours looking everywhere and watching several YouTube videos and I've come up blank does anyone out there have the definitive answer for what the torque settings are for a 2015 mk3.5 focus 1.0 ecoboost 125ps UK spec front and rear calipers and caliper carriers please! Need to do discs and pads on mine but don't want to start if I can't put it back together right Many thanks
  5. Cheers for your responses people must say I've always had pagid on the past and really couldn't fault them. Thanks for keeping my feet planted firmly on the floor instead of head in the clouds stuff
  6. sorry just trying to get a handle on the football lights. are we saying that if you have the connectors it's just a simple plug the light units in and away you go? Or do I need to activate them in the cars software? Do any fuses need to be inserted? many thanks and sorry for going off topic somewhat ****SCRAP THAT**** I just checked mine and the lenses and bulbs are there with wiring plugged in so either the bulbs are dead or i have another issue
  7. Evening people First post so go easy on me lol I'm new to the focus game though not to fords. I'm able but I'm no mechanic. I've recently bought a 2015 focus mk3 facelift and I'm loving it! It's taking me a while to get it up to scratch (let's just say the previous owners weren't big on regular maintenance) the front discs and pads are coming due for changing, and I've been looking at my options. Whilst I'm okay with stock and let's face it it's only a 1.0 ecoboost 125hp, I have been looking at a little bit of an upgrade though nothing mental. For the mechanics out there could you please tell me whether I can trust this part information from carparts4less (eurocarparts by any other name) If this isn't any good could anyone please supply me with a brembo part number that would be suitable? Thinking of combining with just a regular set of brembo pads Cheers for your time