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  1. Iv recently fitted a decat stainless manifold and done a backbox delete and iv noticed if i rev match right on the downshift it will pop now it only does it when cold and I know there's speculation on it causing harm to the engine but is there any way to do this when its warm also, without having it tuned to do so(havnt got time to have it all turned correctly at the moment)? Would it just involve some form of overfueling? Already running v power so not using the cheap stuff, any help is appreciated.
  2. I have the same issue but I know iv got a leak 3/4 down the system so I imagine you've got a leak somewhere as mentioned above
  3. Just to let you know it was a bent shock it looks like somebody changed the spring and didn't fit the shock correctly forcing it in at a slight angle bending the shock.
  4. Hi I was wondering whether or not you get posted anything when becoming a premium member like an owner club sticker or certificate or something like that. As they ask for an address and postage and it a been like a month with nothing arriving. Thanks In advance if anybody knows anything.
  5. Hi there I was wondering if anybody knows whether or not the mk6 fiesta st shockabsorbers fit on the zetec s I know they're basically the same body wise buy wasn't sure if they had different brackets etc... any help is appreciated thanks in advance
  6. hi there iv just picked up a 2007 mk6 fiesta zetec s and noticed the front driver wheel (o/s/f) is slightly campered in at the top iv had it on the ramp and nothings loose or bent and theres no play in the ball joint, just wondered if it was normal as they are both slightly cambered in but the driver side more so, iv had it on the ramp at work and cant fault the system and the boss had a look and neither can he? thanks in advance.
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