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  1. Focus Mk1.5 ('03) TDCi Ghia, with 6006E radio as standard. Have spent hours on www, but can't find a compatible adapter for Parrot hands-free. I messaged a supplier on eBay, with photos of back of radio and car wiring harness. They said a particular one was OK, so I bought it. Guess what; the plugs don't fit. Messaged them back, with more photos, and guess what: they said it was the correct harness. MUPPETS. (Will supply name if requested :-)) Can anyone recommend a hands-free harness to fit the Ford 6006E radio? Nick
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'll check that the chips are the same, and re-visit scrappy if not 🙂. I already have code reader and Forscan, but left my laptop behind, when visiting friends in Holland 😞 (Good excuse for another visit).
  3. Thanks; but this is exactly what I've done, more times than you can shake a stick at, and still can't overcome the immobiliser.
  4. Focus TDCi '03 (Mk 1.5) I have two keys, (3-button type) which work OK, but wanted an additional spare. I had a T-piece cut, and picked-up a handful of old keys, for their bodies, from my friendly scrappy. I've tried all of the bodies on the new key, with a new battery, and followed the re-programming procedure religiously, but can't overcome the immobiliser. Central locking works OK with the new keys. Help!
  5. Roger that! Many thanks for your prompt response.
  6. I have just acquired a '03 plate 1.8 TDCi Ghia, and the ESP switch is missing from the centre console (there is a hole, and the plug & wiring look OK). I obtained a S/H switch, but it does not 'latch' - ie stay on when pressed until pressed again to switch off. Should it?
  7. Have just bought '03 plate Mk1 (facelift) 1.8TDCi Ghia as a runabout. Traction Control Switch is missing from the centre console (there is a hole!) but the plug is there, and the wiring seems ok. I bought a 'refurbished' switch from eB**, but the switch does not latch - should it? Also, the switch illuminates when the lights are switched on. Is it faulty?
  8. Thank you. I'm an idiot; I didn't pull hard enough!
  9. Attempting an oil change, I removed the plastic filter cover/cap (36mm hex), but found that the actual filter is held into the cover with what seems to be an immovable plastic bolt, securing a large washer. How is the filter removed from the cover?