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  1. It's been a while since I've been here! After spending years polishing and waxing by hand I've decided to take the plunge and go for a machine polisher. I've decided on DAS-6 Pro Dual Action polisher (http://www.cleanyour...d&productId=673); it's got good reviews and been recommended for beginners. Now for the experts, some questions..... Which pads&backing plates, etc would be best for the mk 7 fez? Can I use products I've already got such as Super Resin Polish, HD WAX, etc? I'll be looking to get a good swirl remover too; recommendations? Some extra info my paintwork is in generally good condition with only light swirls and scratches, one or two pieces of the bumper have some stone chips but I can deal with them.
  2. Couldn't agree more; I've got it and it's worth every penny in my opinion!
  3. J1 Automotive kit stops heak soak from the engine, looks fantastic and more importantly sounds fantastic. I love it in my fez!
  4. It says they are E-marked and legal in Germany so more than likely legal over here (just me guessing though), I'll deffo be keeping my eye out on ebay and if anything happened to mine *touch wood nothing does *
  5. I know what I'm doing next time I clean my interior
  6. Agreed! ^ Mines a state at the moment! Great choice, in my opinion still one of the best looking hatches out.
  7. European Parts has them up for £160.90; I'm presuming that's for a pair. If mine needed replacing then I'd give them a go but don't think I can justify paying that out of the blue when my lights are working fine
  8. Snap, replaced the boot switch under warranty and solved the problem. It was fine until I had my second service and they put a tonne of grease all over it.
  9. I prefer the black to the red, just found a video on Youtube of them from the supplier I think.
  10. Just having my usual browse on European parts and seen these; There is a couple of other versions too. Shame there is no video to see how they look whilst in use. Whats everyone think?
  11. LEDS are 501 and make a huge improvement in my opinion. I've got them in the sidelights, numberplate lights, fog lights and Interior. Ebay is the best place, get them for pennies; did a quick search and came up with these that match the ones i'm using (may not be the best/chepest) but a guide for size. Fog Lights - Clicky Interior Lights (Needed Three for my Fez) - Clicky Sidelights (No need for Canbus) - Clicky Number Plates - Clicky If you have a search I put a post up a while back with comparisments!
  12. I have :D Again looks loads better, done the reg lights and boot light too! I put a post on here a while back and went led bulb crazy!
  13. The ford fitted DRL's are really growing on me but just so expensive! Do they have a yellow or white glow? and is it possible to change the led's (im presuming) inside them for different ones? Sorry to hijack your post!
  14. Same! Looks a million times better without any yellow
  15. I have LED Sidelight bulbs and I think they look fantastic, make a massive change and go brilliantly with HIDS