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  1. Has anyone used this brand of engine oil? Its specifically blended for Ford petrol/diesel engines.
  2. What month/year was the fuel changed from mechanical to electrical on the TDCI Fiestas? Mine has the UGJC engine.
  3. I've bought one of the rubber bulb types c/w pipes that I've seen in the YT videos for this task. The filter is about 0.33L so shouldn't need much bleeding. cheers
  4. Yes, I'd always pour fuel in via the inlet spout. Pouring in via the outlet defeats the purpose of the filter. If I need to use a hand primer, what's the outside diameter of the spouts on the filter cap? I need to get the right size pipe and primer.
  5. ........ and what's the procedure for the mechanical pump option?
  6. 2013 reg with UGJC engine. I don't know whether is an electric or mechanical fuel pump. When I change the filter, is it sufficient, once the filter cap is fitted, to fill it brim full with diesel as a way of bleeding before refitting the pipes?
  7. So could the D spec extended service be applied to any modern Ford diesel such as the UGJC engine ?
  8. Thanks for posting! I've read that WSS-M2C913-D is backwards compatible on to WSS-M2C913-C so presumably WSS-M2C913-D has a better additive package. I suspect for a given grade and specification, all oils are on par. The oil brands buy in base stock from the refineries, additive packages from chemical companies, then blend the ingredients into the required oil.
  9. I've got a 2013 with a 1.5TDCi 55kw (UGJC) engine. I know it uses 5w30 but should the oil be WSS-M2C913-C or SS-M2C913-D? What's the difference between the two? cheers
  10. Thanks for the clarification!
  11. We have a 2013 1.5TDCI. (63 reg UGJC engine) According to Wiki its a mk6 but to me, its the shape of the mk7. What month/year was the mk7 released?
  12. 2007 1.3i 51KW Suspected head gasket failure due to excessive over heating and oil suddenly in the coolant tank. Can the cylinder head be skimmed on these engines?
  13. Oil in the coolant header tank due to too much overheating to it looks like a head gasket job now. Its the A9A/A9B Duratec engine.
  14. Sadly, a leak has developed on the top side of the stat housing I fitted! Its lasted a year.
  15. I want to inspect the brake shoes so the drums have to come off. What's the torque for the hub nut please?
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