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  1. Please can someone help me out. My Daughter has a 2008 ford C max 1.6 tdci (90) it needs a cam belt change. Please can you let me know how much it should cost and what needs to be changed at the same time. Thanks
  2. Debond your phone from the radio. Press menu press the right arrow on the volume knob until the paired phones come up once the paired phone show press the up arrow on the volume knob until it says "debond phone" Press the centre button on the volume knob. then all you need to do is to re pair your phone,
  3. I recently had a Zafira 1.7 ecoflex cdti and did just over 20,000 miles in a year. It always ran on Shell "V" power (99.9% time) or once or twice BP Ultimate. It ran fine and gave me mid to high 40's mpg. Everything seamed fine until it stalled early one morning. Four hours later after removing all the dirty,oily disgusting gunk from the EGR system I got it restarted and continued to drive it. So is the "V" power better.............................NO I do not believe it is. I part exed it three weeks later and got my present car. I will now use cheap fuel but every 6-8 weeks put in some wynns diesel system clean.
  4. Sorry I did not realise that you were in Scotland, (rains almost every day for at least 10 mins from exp). I have not looked at mine but do (should) you have the rubber or plastic bulb covers on the rear of the light unit?. If you have neither then I would suspect moisture/water is getting in via the bulbs.
  5. Many Many Thanks. It works perfect. The strange thing is that the car has features that are delete from the new list so must have been fitted since and the one I wanted is a delete item but has the tow bar fitted but unable to see the make of it. 😞
  6. I would just drill a couple of small holes in bottom of units so water could drain off. A lot cheaper that replacement.
  7. Hi Dave, I have gone on the etis form site but when I entered the reg of my car it does not give me the full live of the car specs. It only tells me what the gearbox is, the colour and the model designation (2.0 tdci 16 v tit x). It doe not show that it is an estate car. How can I get the full list as I would like to see what make of towbar is fitted so as I may get a towball for it. Many thanks (also) Dave
  8. You could check the foot brake switch as this is linked to the button start sequence. Then check that the switch on the park position is also okay. I have only just bought my Mondeo but these are a couple of places I would look to start with. Good luck and hope the problem is a quick and cheap fix.
  9. I got my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100 bhp model remapped within a week of buying it. I made a great difference to it and had no (fingers crossed/touching wood) issues to date. It is a 2014 year and I have had it now for just over two years. Wife thrashes it everywhere and mpg is only mid 30's for town use but I get low 50's when I take it for a run. Nice car but I prefer diesels over petrol for the torque.
  10. Sorry all I joined earlier in the week but did not venture to say HI, Hello or any other welcome. HI !! All Just to let you know I have just purchased a low miler (46,000) 2011 Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.0 TDCI 163 Powershift. Blimey that was a mouthfull. What a great car. I had driven a few MK3 rentals a few years ago and thought they were good but this is something else. It is a shame really that I will be racking up the miles but it should last me a few years. I just hope that as it is all singing and dancing things do not start going wrong. I will be getting a full service and gearbox oil/filter changed soon by OC motorsport out at South Woodham Ferries. Essex. Ollie is a great mechanic and person
  11. You need to try and locate where the reverse bleeper is and look at it to see if it has a volume on it. I know a lot of after market ones do but not sure on factory. I wear hearing aids most of the time but even when I do not put them in (normally weekend) I am still able to here both the front and rear bleepers.
  12. I have bought a 2011 Mondeo estate and it has what I think is a witter towbar and the 13 pin electrics. My problem is that it does not have the detachable tow ball with the car (seller did not know of whereabouts). Could someone who has a witter tow bar with detachable tow ball give me the part number for the tow ball so I can get the correct one hopefully from e bay or the like. Thanks
  13. I just used Fuse 24 (spare). The camera switches off after a few minutes with no motion. I will see how this goes as I only bought it yesterday and fitted the camera today.