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  1. Many thanks to all of you who have given me your thoughts on this issue.... Still hope to resolve this one.
  2. None of the above issues are relevant to this issue sadly. The air con is manual control. I understand though, about the cooing fan continuing after the car has parked. That is usual of all cars, including y Honda Civic and nothing to do with the air con issue we are having with my wife's car. The noise is heard within the dash area.... Or so it seems. Still a mystery......
  3. The noisy air con is not a standard feature, as this whirring noise issue only started a couple of months ago. We also have three other friends and family who have similar model fiestas with no issues whatsoever. It is a strange one though and is rather irritating to listen to when driving. It needs to be resolved somehow..... And not by turning the radio up! ;0)
  4. I wonder what else is connected to the air con from the engine? Not the compressor, so thought maybe it was some other pulley or belt that comes into play when the air con is switched on. Whirring sound seems to come from whine the dash board - in the centre... Ish!
  5. At least not on our own, though it has cost us about £250 so far and that was very cheap as our friend who is a professional and excellent mechanic changed the compressor for us, otherwise it would have been a lot more! our car never had this air con noise up until the last couple of months and the car itself has only done 39000 miles, so not even high mileage. I hope someone out there can offer any further suggestion on this.....
  6. Hi All New to this forum and hoping someone here can help with an air con issue on our Fiesta 1.4 Mk 7 - 2012 When the air con is switched on, there is an underlying whirring noise. More annoying and noticeable inside the cabin of the car, around the dash. We purchased a replacement compressor to resolve the issue, or so we thought, as the noise only appears when the air con compressor engages. This noise still remains despite a change of compressor and regas. So, confused as to what to look into next. The local air con specialist thought the noise was our imagination and did say prior to the replacement compressor, that this was not the problem. Nonetheless, we changed it anyway, but the noise is indeed still there. . Please help!!! Paul