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  1. thanks for that just checked my battery from halfords and its is nothing like that but as it was now showing fully charged I refitted it so I could shut my window and although I didn't try starting the car (due to original problem) it now has power and i managed to shut the window and lock the car now back to the fuel problem I will put some fuel in the tank tomorrow and bleed the line but how can I check if the pump is working?
  2. will leave it on until the morning then take it to halfords to have it checked. The battery is from halfords and less than 3 year old
  3. Just connected it back up to another car and got power but cant even shut the window?
  4. got the battery on charge at moment then will try again
  5. apart from having the battery checked i have done all you said the reason i didnt get battery checked is we tried with jump leads and that did'nt give us power either
  6. we also primed the car as said in the haynes
  7. Was driving along at approx 40 to 50 mph when engine cut out not to start again. Being told by recovery that it was the low pressure sender unit in the tank I changed it only to find out i didnt need to as its not a sender bur just the fuel gauge, after doing that I have no electrics going to the car at all but the battery is reading 12V ?????????? driver side window open and wont close keyless button wont turn it on ????????????
  8. I now give up I have no push start on the car anymore no lights on the dash nothing battery is reading fully charged and even connected to another vehicle via jump leads nothing??????????
  9. well part arrived and fitted but still got the same problem as Dee said its just a fuel gauge so thats note the problem at wits end now to what the problem is I noticed after priming it today there is no fuel getting to the pump at the engine end hope this is not the problem
  10. after dropping my fuel tank I have found that its not working so got to order one ti replace it and go from there
  11. so according to this all mondeo's have a sender unit when trying to buy one off ebay on doing a compartablility check they say it does'nt fit my car???????
  12. Hi all i'm hoping you can tell me if my car has a fuel sender unit as I appear to be hitting my head against a brick wall My car is a Ford Mondeo Turnier 2009 MK IV [2007-2015] Estate Estate 2.0 TDCi 1997ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
  13. Hi all been with Mondeo's for a few yrs now having owned from the Mk1 through to the Mk 4 (my new ride) the one I am confused with. While driving the other day the car cut out on me and has not started since the recovery guy said it was a fuel issue and towed me home. Had a garage look at it and was told it was my Low pressure pump not working???? also called the fuel sender unit ????? After using various sites to try and get one everyone was a bit this might be it or this might not so tonight I found a Ford spare parts site entered my car details (2.0l TDCI 140BHP estate) to find them
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