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  1. It's ok mate my mates done them very easy fit on my zetec
  2. As anybody actually programmed these through forscan cud do with information please much appreciated thanx
  3. Anybody got a contact number for a guy called Inath been told he can program power folding mirrors thanx for reading
  4. Does any 1 know how to activate power folding mirrors on 2013 Ford zetec using forscan any help appreciated
  5. Hi Ben can u give me details on how to activate mirrors or could u do it for me
  6. Can anybody fit me or give me advice how to fit power folding mirrors to my fiesta zetec 2013 appreciate any help
  7. How much including fitting are they definite for 2013 fiesta
  8. Thanx mate much appreciated if u can send me all details
  9. I'm sure it's got at least 8 on module and 4 wires to mirror
  10. U mean the wires or Windows lol I'm a bit thick with stuff like this,