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  1. These are the ones that I used
  2. Sorry to hear that. My car got written off about a month ago in a hit and run whilst I was grabbing some lunch. That cost me my excess.
  3. I swapped out my lights today. The OEM lights were a right 🤬 to get out, had to break both of them to get them out. They should have been easy, the US Fusion lights are easy looking at the YouTube videos, but the Mondeo ones are VERY poorly designed and you can't actually get a screwdriver into the right place to release the clip. I got mine from eBay: The pictures below show 1 OEM bulb at the same time as 1 LED, and 2 LEDs together. They are a lot brighter.
  4. Is there a UK supplier for these? How about interior bulbs, upgraded the interior on my mk4, now it's like a step backwards in my mk5!
  5. Maybe I just imagined that I had ventilated rear discs!
  6. Just had my garage tell me im going to need new discs and pads on the front in the not too distant future, but I have a couple of questions. They have just replaced the rear discs and pads for me. Firstly, on my Mk4 Mondeo (Titanium X 2.0l petrol), I had internally ventilated discs both front and back, but my Mk5 (Tit X 2.0l (180) Diesel) only seems to take solid discs on the rear. Does anyone else find that to be a step in the wrong direction? Or has my research failed me and you can get ventillated discs for the rear? Secondly, should an enthusiastic amateur such as myself consider changing the front pads and discs myself, or is it better left to the professionals? Thanks
  7. Yeah, to be fair I have mainly seen US YouTube videos recommending 3,000 mile oil changes, so maybe it's more of a cultural thing than an engineering thing? After all, they have some of the same cars, same engines, same oils etc. I watched a good video on Mobile 1's 20,000m oil, which is significantly longer than 3,000m! It wasn't a sponsored video, but they went behind the scenes to see the R&D that went into it, the accelerated testing, a pick-up they put on a dyno for 500,000 miles, changing the oil and filter ever 20,000 which was quite impressive. They also own a fleet of taxis in Las Vegas that they use as test beds for real world driving.
  8. I've just brought a 2015 mk5 Mondeo and it's running a set of Davantis (I've never heard of them), and I'm not very impressed with them. On my old Mk4 Mondeo I had a full set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and loved their handling. I've had a look at the tyres I have now (235/50r17) and they don't make the Pilot Sport 4 in that size, the best they seem to do is the Primacy 3. What are you guys running?
  9. CLCC

    Poor MPG?

    I used to get 32-33 mpg in my Mk4 Mondeo (2.0l petrol), now got a Mk5 Mondeo (2.0l 180 Diesel) and get 41-42 mpg.
  10. How often do you change the oil in your car. I have always had it done annually when serviced, but I see some people online recommend every 3,000 miles, which doesn't seem very far at all to me.
  11. Thats awful. If you're anything like me you would have spent ages watching reviews and getting really excited about getting a new car. I bet you couldn't wait to get your hands on your new pride and joy. It's bad enough that it had issues in the first place, but then yo get such ***** after care must leave a really bad taste in your mouth. As far as I'm aware, if part of the windscreen isn't clearing, it's likely to be a break in one or more of those tiny wires, and the only way to fix is an entirely new windscreen.
  12. Has your car sustained any water damage in the past? Obviously it's hard to know if it's 2nd hand, but if you've had it since new, has it ever been flooded, left the windows or sunroof open in the rain? Maybe there is a lot of moisture in the car? The quick clear windscreen really is magical when it's working, if you are not feeling the magic, then chances are it's not working at all.
  13. Is there anyway to disable the feature permanently, or does it have to be turned off each time you get in the car?
  14. Do you find it useful at improving your MPG, or do you turn it off and have the engine running at the lights?